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What will September bring to our Rockin' Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Many thanks to David Fulton ... what a shot!

Welcome to Many New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All!

There will be two U.S. Embassy Outreach programs in September in our area ... September 25th in Dominical and September 26th in PZ downtown... very useful if you need a new passport, etc. We used their services once and it was a true time & agro saver! Here is the link for Dominical and here is the one for the PZ event.

Look forward to seeing many of you this week at the PZ feria ... Thursdays from 7 til 8pm and Fridays from 9 til 1pm.

Companies must report the Shareholder Registration ... begins now in September. Important for Corporation holders.

We are looking for something (herbal or something similar) to use as a poultice to reduce swelling. We have horses here in Platanillo (big ones, Thoroughbreds!!) and one has some swelling in his hind legs - probably tendons. Back in the US we would apply a poultice and wrap it which could help with the swelling and draw out minor infection. Do you have or know of anything locally that could be made up or used for this sort of thing?


Looking for goats with good genetics and raised without GMOs, antibiotics or hormones? Male: 3 years old, he’s a cool guy, the smartest goat and most relaxed goat we’ve ever met! He’s a mix of La Mancha & Sannen. Born polled, muy mansa. Female: 2 years old and a strong mama. She’s had two sets of healthy kids (the last set of twins were both polled) and is ready for the next round. Good milk production. She’s also a mix of La Mancha & Sannen. Located in Cartago Province, approximately 40mins from Cartago center. We’re asking 120,000 colones, negotiable for the pair, a low price in consideration of the fact that you’ll need to arrange transport for them. For more information: Whatsapp 8550 9046. Thanks!

We also deliver 7 days a week and can help with your feria shopping if you don't want to come in. write

If you have a special announcement to make to our Subscribers ... we are now offering a one time mailing for $30 ... send information to

So happy to hear stories of how our CBD oil is taking away pain, helping reduce depression, and many more benefits for us humans, and we just received a supply for pets too! Amazing the relief it brings them.

Collodial Silver has many amazing benefits ... Click here to read about some of them.

Mountain-and-tree-top 1000sq ft loft like house surrounded by low- walled terrace for rent 5 miles from San Vito. Sturdy modern 10year old construction. Offers total privacy with its surrounding wall and enclosed parking, A/C+, washer dryer dishwasher US refrigerator unlimited hot water 4- burner gas stove with large oven.2 bdrms with kingsize beds and large bathroom.Wonderful countertop, furniture and ceilings constructed of exotic woods (amarillon, corteza,...) Beautiful stone paths and benches with inlaid ornamental river rocks. Large BBQ area.Automatic gate. Fresh fish delivery available. Restaurant and grocery deliveries available. Producing seasonal garden - avocadoes, sweet potatoes, yucca, oranges, lemons, ... and pineapples. Many walks, stream, waterfalls and river. Excellent bird watching and wildlife (monkeys/ leopardos/ armadillos... ) Full jai alai court available for use - bring your own baskets. Bus stop 1km488$ A MONTH. Utilities such as hi speed wifi are not included.

Nicely furnished small 3 bedroom house on a private and tranquil 1/2 acre in the countryside between San Vito and Agua Buena not far from Wilson Botanical Gardens a world class biological research station. Fridge, gas stove with oven, lavadora and hot water shower included. Beautiful gardens, covered patios, bananas, avocadoes, oranges, mora, mandarinas and an assortment of other fruits as well as a small vivero and areas to plant vegetables. Seeking responsible renters willing to commit to a minimum of 6 months. 1 year preferred. Less than 1 km from the main road with regular bus service, and a good size grocery and hardware store. Rent will include regular garden maintenance, all utilities and weekly cleaning by trusted locals. Delicious Tico meals can be arranged if desired for a reasonable fee.$350USD/ month all inclusiveAvailable anytime after August 25th. Full month deposit and 1st months rent required upon signing lease

Vehicles for Sale .. see photos here & more listings

Mitsubishi Montero Turbo GLX 1999 Manual, Diesel 4x4, 7 passenger

We just finished painting and detailing our Mitsubishi of 10 plus years that we have kept in top shape and are finally downsizing to something smaller.During this time we completely rebuilt the motor, transmission and injection system, replaced clutch, radiator, alternator and everything is working great.A super family or cargo car.Have records of all maintenance from 2011.

Price 4,400,000 colones

Contact: Amy at 8352-6614 Whatsapp

Homes for Sale ---- check all listings here

Finca Linda Is a Lovely Home on Five Hectares in the Very Desirable La Bonita / Miravalles area for sale. Click here please.

This beautiful 3 Br. 2 Ba. house is very private and secure. There is wonderful woodwork in the kitchen, carport, covered space for washer, dryer. Nice home, but what really get's hour heart started is the view. Click here for Photos2 minutes to the paved road to Miravalles, a church, school and store are all close. $160,000.Call or write for more photo's. 8381-2027 Beautiful property in Chimirol de Rivas now more affordable. Lovely, well maintained home in Quebradasnow for sale.

Beautiful property in Chimirol de Rivas now more affordable.

Lovely, well maintained home in Quebradas now for sale.

Check out our Events page for several important happenings in our area.

We also have a Stuff to Buy & Sell page... check it out!

We have some new products just in this week at Colibri's Corner (Rincon de Colibri) at the back of the Perez Zeledon Feria.

  • Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent ... many report it is the best they ever used ... and of course, no DEET.

  • Activated Charcoal

  • California Sage Sticks

  • Boarhead's Amazing Turmeric Extract

  • Osa Naturals wonderful Natural products

  • Vegan Pizzas! Can order whole ones ahead!

Also want to mention the startling benefit of Mariola Honey or Jicote Gato as it is oft called here. It is pure magic. This site discusses many of its benefits and we carry it at Colibri's Corner at the feria or ship wherever. Larger quantities are now available too.

Moringa: small leaves with big nutrition (We have organic seeds, leaves and oil at Colibri's Corner at the PZ Feria ... or can ship throughout Costa Rica.

For anyone with pain from spots injuries, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatic, please check this link. We are very fortunate to have this high quality Magnesium Oil now available. Also works great as an all natural deodorant!

International Phone Cards available for major savings.

We usually have:

  • Organic Eggs

  • Turmeric Powder & Roots & Capsules

  • Organic Salads with Asian Dressing

  • Organic Red or Black Beans

  • Fresh Trout / Smoked Trout

  • Palo Santo

  • Hombre Grande

  • All natural organic tobacco

  • Vegan Cookies

  • Organic Vanilla Beans

  • All Organic Corn Chips ... yellow & purple

  • Raw Honey

  • Fresh Salsa

  • Local Organic Beans & Rice (Integral & White)

  • Organic Teas

  • Stevia in Powder & Liquid

  • Organic Dried Pineapple / Mangos / Bananas

  • Coconut Secret Amino Acids This sap is very low glycemic, an abundant source of 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH.

  • Organic Sauerkraut

  • Becca's Amazing Hot Hot Sauces

  • Organic Alfalfa Seeds

  • Crunchy Spirulina

  • Salt shaker grinders

  • Peppermint Oil

  • Lavender Oil

  • Clove Oil

  • Ylang Ylang Oil

  • Frankincense

  • Organic sauerkraut

  • Goat cheeses

  • Fresh & Smoked Trout

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Diatomaceous Earth

  • Epsom Salts

  • Moringa Seeds & Leaves

  • Organic Black Strap Molasses

  • Cactus Juice & other Natural Bug Repellents

  • Sticky, Yummy Dates

  • Costa Rican Macadamias

  • Integral Oats

Pura Vida Blessings to All

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