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What a January this has been in our Ever Fabulous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Beautiful Butterfly by Susanne Jenner Thomas taken at the Butterfly Dome in Canaan

So happy to see a wonderful article on our new Butterfly Dome in Canaan de Rivas, click here to read. Much appreciation and respect to Joey Lobo for his dream and its fulfillment. Is a wonderful thing for our environment and our communities.

Welcome to Many New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All

Article in Spanish regarding the ability to take the driver’s license test at other locations. Click here.

We also are thrilled to be able to help so many people with depression, pain, sleeplessness and much more with Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil, in four strengths from 100 mg to 1200 mg. Available now at Colibri's Corner or write us at

Corporate Tax Now Due If you own a Costa Rican corporation, the annual tax is due by January 31st, 2019. This tax was reinstated in September of 2017. The tax can be paid through most banks online or at local branches or at any Ministerio de Hacienda office. If you need help paying the tax, please call or email us to arrange. Thank you! Email:

We know that many are not receiving this Vine weekly and send huge apologies ... unfortunately we don't have the answer yet why this is happening so I am going to cut the length this week to see if that helps. So no links below for the website and our products. Check out our Gourmet Product Store online for a listing of our products. If you want to check past issues or miss one ... please check our blog page on the website. We have several years of issues posted there!

Thank you to Vicki Skinner for some very important information for US Citizens living abroad. Please see at bottom on this email.

For an honest, reliable Express Delivery Young Man ... whatsapp Palillo at 7102-9830. (Spanish only)

Must visit our new Beer Garden in Central PZ ... click here! Getting great reviews!

For real Mexican Food & glorious art ... please check out Aztecas, Thursdays thru Sundays. Here is their FB page.

Just heard that our beloved Chef Memo is closing his wonderful restaurant in PZ due to medical issues. His last day open will be Thursday, January 31st with a special menu. Here is his FB page ... and we love Memo and wish you and your gorgeous wife Carol, all the luck & health possible.

Just got in some DMSO & bee's wax & fluoride free toothpastes & Nag Champa Incense & Sage Sticks!

We really appreciate pre-orders ... and can delivery throughout Costa Rica.

We have a list of several families / singles / couples looking for rentals in our area ... from very simple to fancy schmanzy. If you would like to offer a place for rental .. our cost for advertising is just a one time $20 fee til rented. (If you run into any already rented rentals from our page .. please let us know and ask the owner to let us know if they haven't yet. Send to:

Check out Southern Pacific Real Estate.

INVEST IN PARADISE! Specializing in the Diamante Valley and surrounding areas. Homes, vacant land, development, and investment properties- how can I help you to find your dream property? Click here

Mitsubishi Montero GLX 1999-4x4 Diesel Manual Transmission

$8400 or equiv in CRC

Km 90,000 (motor and injection system overhaul in 2013, transmission overhaul in 2018)

7 Passengers

Runs great and up to date-great family or cargo car

We are selling only because we are ready to downsize!

Whatsapp 8352-6614

We have a small country house available for rent starting the beginning of February. It is located on Finca Amrta . . . and close to the beautiful Rio Pedregoso.

If you are interested please either call me at: 2770-4185 or email me at:

Be sure to put "interest in renting your house" in the subject because mail from someone who is not in my contacts goes directly to my "junk".