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Come visit us at Beto's Place and enjoy our hospitality

When you visit the Chirripó mountains you will find in San Gerardo de Rivas, Beto's Place, which was created to honor the memory of a great man...our grandfather, who taught us to be honest and helpful at all times.

With his advice and hugs he made us feel at home every time we visited him. Therefore we want you to feel the same way every time you visit us, and try our varied and appetizing menu with very affordable prices and experience a memory that you will never forget.

You can also walk along our paths to the ever raging Chirripo river and recharge yourself with energy while you hug our beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees and enjoy nature at its finest. You can eat with your family to celebrate events or just have a getaway with friends.

Also you can sing karaoke and dance with us every Friday night. Or, you can just enjoy the view from any of our balconies.

Come visit us at Beto's Place and enjoy our hospitality. Beto's place...your home away from home!!

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