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Leaving May with a big splash ... welcoming June to the Magnificent Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to Many New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All

It is feeling like we will be having a wet & wonderful Green Season this year ... lots of rain in our forecast right now.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the citizen-made bridge over the Rio General got swept away ... today it was announced that two new Bailey Bridges will be installed.

Also remember to check the passage on the Cerro de la Muerte (Highway 2) as it has been closed & opened already a few times.

How Costa Rica gets it Right by Joseph E. Stiglitz

37 Patients Treat Their Chronic Diseases With Medicinal Cannabis Made In Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Colon Among The 7 Coolest Currencies In The World

Hope to see many of you this week at the Perez Zeledon feria ... our booth (Colibri's Corner) will be open from 7 til 8 on Thursdays and Fridays from 8 til 1pm. Pre-orders are very appreciated!

We also offer shipping and delivery service throughout Costa Rica. For our area ... we have a network of Xpress & Taxi's who can delivery our products 7 days a week ... just let us know! On feria days, we can also do limited shopping and shipping.

Here is an update on our dear friend, Marguerite from Sheri Cooke ... infinite thanks to all of you who are helping out.

Our neighbor at the PZ feria, Maria, will be bringing fresh Coconut Milk and also to the Tinamastes feria.

New Daycare and Christian School in San Isidro

We are having a fundraising to purchase sound healing instruments for the children’s palliative care clinic in San Isidro. The first hour will be a vibrational Attunement with the crystal bowls and the second hour will be a training on how to use Tibetan bowls for sound therapy for palliative care, a sample of Vyola's training with the center. If you can't come and want to donate please email vyolamyst@gmail.com. Muchissimas gracias! (see more info at Events page)



located in paraiso of CAJON

DIRECTIONS from san isidro go south on interameican highway about 13 miles

the road will bend to left toward panama at crossroads for perivaje where there is

a big new gas station, go over bridge, keep going till you see a small shopping center on right with ICE and HAWAII RESTAURANT,etc. go 75 feet and turn left

to CAJON go about 1 mile to center of town and continue on same road about 1 mile to see ENERGY.... sign and drive in.

all trained holistic practicioners welcome. COME , MEET AND LEARN AND PLAN A HOLISTIC CENTER FOR THE FUTURE where we will be recognized and better able to serve.

dr walter j urban, medical board of california 8333 8625

love to you all, please send email to doctorwalter123@gmail.com if coming