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Enjoying the End of the Rainy Season ... Looking forward to our Summer in the Bright & Beautiful

Enrique Ascanio

​Welcome to Many New Chayotevine Members ... so happy you have joined us!

In this changing seasons time ... we are getting the best of Rainy & Sunny weather!

Without going into 'war stories' ... one of the best pieces of advice I got on moving here was shake, shake, shake ... towels, sheets, dresses, shirts, shoes & of course, boots! Well worth the effort!

This weekend will be a very special Soul Attunement Event ... please click here for all the details.

Some of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica are found here in our Southern Zone ... click here for article.

Check Events page (soon, reservations must be in by December 10th) for our Community Christmas Party by Chef Memo.

Scarlet Macaws being set Free in Golfito

Wade is bringing some ducks as well as his delicious Chickens this week.

We have a wonderful group, Charley's Angels, who take care of so many animals ... check here for how you can help them help others.

New friends here are offering Organic Meats .. even have Turkeys that are free range & organic and fed with coconut, bananas, and cane. Pork too! Write here for contact:

I need to leave the country on December 20, and will be in the U.S. for up to six weeks.

I would be willing to lend my sweet boy Pantera, about 8 weeks old, and all of about two pounds ; loves and loved by humans. Loves to play and sleep. Has a good sense of his power, and plays nicely, but needs his nails cut. Fearless, probably to the point of being a hazard to himself- played well with male cat several time his size. Likes to sit on shoulder. Prefers tuna , but eats chicken cat food, and rice and beans, a true Tico. Will be on your bed if you turn your back. Follows me around more like a dog than a cat.

References, preferably from animals, required, because people can lie. Ken Lyle

NEW LISTING FOR SALE: Gorgeous home in the mountains ... huge views. Monte Rey de Rivas

Great new product we are carrying now at Colibri's Corner!

Add a little spice to your Life. “ Rico”

Rico’s Rub and Seasoning Blend and Rico’s Vegetable seasoning.

Rico’s Rub and Seasoning Blend is an all purpose spice blend similar to seasoning salt. It is great for BBQ. Just sprinkle a little on the meat and add your favorite BBQ sauce. It makes the best BBQ wings ever. Use it just like a good salt. A little bit goes a long way. It’s also great with ground beef. Two teaspoons in a kilo of hamburger, mixed well with a little bit of Worchestershire and you have the best burger ever. With 11 different fresh and hard to find spices it’s easy to use and great.

Rico’s Rub was developed from a recipe originating at the Lucerne Cooking School in Switzerland. Passed down from chef to chef, it is old world European Sensibility adapted for today’s cuisine.

Rico’s Vegetable Seasoning Blend was developed for the vegetable lovers as a primary vegetable seasoning. A little more aromatic and less spicy than the original rub, it has 13 different spices to form a great blend. Just sprinkle a little on your favorite dish before cooking. It is also great with seafood. Just use it as you would season with salt and pepper and add great new flavors.

Rico’s Rub and Seasoning Blend and Rico’s Vegetable Seasoning make cooking easy and fun; adding great flavor with a light touch of the hand. It’s like having your whole spice rack in an easy to use package. Check us out also on Facebook at the Rico’sRub page.

Christmas Party (POTLUCK)

Dec. 16, 2017 starting at 11 AM POTLUCK CHRISTMAS PARTY Maxine's home in Barrio Arenilla de San Pedro Directions: 15 miles south (26 km) of Maxi Pali on InterAmericana Hwy. When approaching (covered) bridge over Rio San Pedro, turn left just before bridge, drive 1/2 mile (1 km) on paved road, until you see a large commercial building on your left (half metal, half concrete blocks with large green doors), get off paved road and drive between large building and Arenilla Abast to a fork in the road. Keep to your right (the flat road) and continue (1/3 mile, 2/3 km) until you see Centro Educativo Arenilla on your right. Entrance to Maxine's property is across from the school. Drive on paved road to top of the hill. Park behind the house among trees. 2731-1247

~~~ Singing Alive Costa Rica ~~~ ~~~ Cantando la Vida ~~~ Finca Amrita, Costa Rica January 25-28, 2018 A sharing and teaching gathering for ceremonial/devotional singing circles. We change the world as we transform ourselves with songs of light, love, peace on earth, and goodwill to all beings! Once again come together, all you singing people, to celebration the power of the voice and to sing with our ancestors and descendants and allies of this mysterious and wonderful life! We'll gather on the hallowed grounds of Finca Amrta in the southern region of CR. Sing under the growing moon, let the river woosh its song into your heart, hear the whisper of the great bamboo song, let the great tropical melody fill your soul with life and light and joy!

Early Bird tickets are available now! Register in Advance! for live person contact ;-} Now – December 20th ~ Early Bird $208 = whole event with camping. December 21st – January 13th ~ Winter Welcome $240 = whole event with camping. January 14th – on ward ~ Final Price $280 = whole event with camping. Teens 13 – 18 yrs of age = 1/2 price. Please comment about this during the check out process. Children (12 and under) are free. Include youth’s information during check out process.

This singing medicine is potent and as we share, teach, learn together we all grow our greatness!

Corporation Registration In September of this year a new law was passed requiring the registration of all corporations in Costa Rica with the Dirección General de Tributacion (DGT). DGT is an office of the tax collection agency, Ministerio de Hacienda. There is no fee to register your corporation but it must be registered by specific dates in 2018 or otherwise you will be fined. Because Hacienda collects income tax in December, DGT moved the deadlines for registration after the first of February 2018. Please check the following deadlines for corporate registration. The last number of the corporation's cedula will determine the date it needs to be registered: 1 and 2...February 28, 2018 3...........March 31, 2018 4...........April 30, 2018 5...........May 31, 2018 6...........June 30, 2018 7...........July 31, 2018 8...........August 31, 2018 9...........Septmember 30, 2018 0...........October 31, 2018 In order to register the corporation or change your contact information, the legal representative needs to present the D-140 form in person at a DGT office or someone with power of attorney can also present the document. (Thank you to "Your Costa Rica Contact")