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Dear Friends, Animal Lovers and Charlie's Angels Supporters

Finally… it’s happening. Our dream of having a Charlie's Angels Headquarter is coming alive!!

Since Ellen, Mercedes, Florie and I founded Charlie’s Angels in June 2015, we had the vision of a big house, where volunteers would live and take loving care of our rescue dogs and cats until they are ready for adoption.

We were dreaming about a house with a spacious garden, enough roofed space for the kennels, and even imagined a creek running though the property where the dogs could drink fresh water whenever they wanted.

We wanted to create a sanctuary, where we would have the opportunity to help the animals that we rescued, giving them time to recover and heal from their traumas and sicknesses, in a loving, safe and clean environment, that would make both humans and animals feel at home.

Until now, Charlie’s Angels has operated only with assistance from foster homes and the mini-shelter behind Mercedes’ house, which was supposed to be only a temporary solution.

This situation became extremely stressful for everyone involved, as it is always really hard to find people who would foster our rescued pups, and the 'shelter' was always at full capacity (8-10 dogs)

Now, we are at a point, where we can finally make everything happen, as we had planned! YAY!!!

We have found the perfect property for the Charlie’s Angels 'Casona' (big house). It even has the creek we dreamed of… The icing on the cake is the landlord, who actually embraces the idea of helping animals and loves what we are doing!

We already have the keys to the house and can start with renovations right away. We are planning for the first volunteers to move in December 15th.

The house is in very good state, but is bare bones... we need everything from building and decorating materials to furniture, electrical appliances, pots and name it!

Since we are a non profit organization, we depend solely on our neighbours, friends and network of donors and animal lovers for help.

For our supporters in in Costa Rica:

If you have any spare furniture like tables, sofas, chairs, shelving units, lamps, kitchen supplies like pots, pans, plates, knifes etc etc we would be so thankful!

We also need mattresses. We can use old ones for dog beds. If you have building materials to donate - please let us know… we need fencing.

If you don't have anything to give away, maybe you could help with transport or dog supplies.

For our international supporters:

Please make a cash donation here - Every donation is very much appreciated.

Here you can follow us on Facebook:

Thank you so much... PURA VIDA!


Beds - double and single

Bedside table

Mattresses: double and single (in good condition - for humans)

Shelves (in all sizes)

Chairs / Benches /bar chair

Dining Table

Sofa (can be in a bad condition, we have nice big sheets to throw over)

Lamps (ceilings, bedside table, reading lamps, standard lamp)

Kitchen supplies:

- Pots (all sizes)

- Kettle (electric or regular)

- Colander

- Trash cans

- Cooker

- Fridge

- Washing machine

- Dryer (not a priority but nice to have for all the dog towels etc)

Building materials:

- Wooden boards

- Pallets

- Fencing material

- Chicken wire

Thank you so much!

By the way, I have never received your newsletter with Iggi Pop. Could you re-sent it please?

Big hug! Tania

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