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Healing and Rebuilding and Joining Together in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Love and serve all humanity. Help everyone. Be happy. Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy... Sri Mahavatar Babaji

Dearest Beloved Chayotevine Members of our never boring, Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

How our worlds can change in the blink of an eye! And after communicating with untold numbers of you ... my experience shows me that we have an amazingly loving, sharing, giving, helping community who will survive these latest storms ... and grow stronger from it. There are so many who I call, Humble Heroes, people doing literally everything they can to help their neighbors get back to normalcy.

Three cheers and eternal gratitude too, to ICE ... they have risen to this dire occasion and have gone all out to restore service throughout our damaged area.

And to our Highway Workers ... indefatigable with seemingly impossible challenges, mil millones of gratitude.

To the good news ... our Bailey Bridge arrived yesterday ... we got the first of 8 going around the country to re-connect comfortably the Coast with San Isidro. They are miracles of engineering .. kinda tinker toy prefab temporary bridges that sometimes last for years. They are estimating 2 weeks until it is usable. Meanwhile, the alternative ways are to go through Rosario de Pacquar (coming from Dominical going right down sometimes good, sometimes not) route that comes out near the airport, or going left and making your way through El Roble to San Ramon, west of Pedregoso. Good luck! Be safe!

I imagine most know that the Cerro de la Muerte has many problem areas, and I haven't seen any ETA yet for that re-opening. Could take a while!

Musoc is running once or twice a day from San Jose to PZ via the Costanera. Tracopa is staying on the Costanera and running from SJ south ... not coming into PZ at this time. Here is the official Transito page with road closures ...not necessarily up to the moment.

In the Osa Conservation Area closed parks are: the Corcovado National Park, Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, Piedras Blancas National Park, the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Golfito and the Ballena National Park.

In the last week, we here in the Southern Zone have received 30 tons of food, 18 by land and 12 by air!

We are happy to post for anyone making collections and helping out others here ... feel free to send in any information. The needs are great and not diminishing but growing.

Philip Felipe Marshall has offered this information to us: I'd like to share iwith the Chayotevine readers, this Bank's webpage address who say they will match any donation. Once at this page, just click on the big red box that says "DONÁ AQUÍ PARA LOS DAMNIFICADOS DE LA TORMENTA NATE."

Happy Second Birthday to our Chimerol Feria .. Vyola has been helping so many and sends this message:

Collecting Rivas Flood Victim Donations at the 2nd Anniversary of the Chirripo Feria in Chimirol de Rivas

  • It's time to celebrate what we have and what we can give.

  • We are collecting money and food donations for flood victims in our Rivas pueblos Wed. at the Chirripo Feria in Chimirol de Rivas. There are 22 families who lost their farms and can't get to work with their bridge out above San Gerardo where the trout farms washed away. We also want to buy materials to strengthen their temporary footbridge and repair one in Chacuyo near Chimirol that is needed for emergency evacuation.

  • We plan to do this every Wed. while there is need. The feria is 9-3 but try to come before 10 to donate food (you can buy at the feria) so we can drive up and down the mountain before the rain. The cooked food is fresh and delicious and there are now batidos (smoothies).

  • Proyecto San Gerardo has also been collecting money for local causes.

  • Other needs: Rental homes for 3 displaced families (<70 mil per month), 2 long-term, 1 for 3 months. Volunteers to drive food and supplies up the mountain. Volunteers with technical know-how to build temporary bridges. Please contact Vyola at or text Whatsapp 8529-0301

To help those in Sierpe, click here

Finca Tres Semillas and Buenaventura on the Savegre River have lost their private bridge and so much more .... here is a link to help them rebuild the Soul Bridge.

If you missed last week's Chayotevine .. here is the link.

Casa La Vista - House Rental Localed at Finca Fruition. Offers fresh spring water, hot shower, lightly stocked