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Welcoming August to our Spectacular Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Oceans of Love by Sierra Goodman of Divine Dolphin in Drakes Bay

Welcome to August and to several new subscribers ... hope you are enjoying the coolness and the beauty of our Zone.

Hope to see you at Colibri's Corner this week at the San Isidro Feria ... we are open from 7am til 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays from 9am til 1pm ... first booth in front of the Supermarket in the back of the feria. We have Organic Medjool Dates ... divine! Also, we gladly recycle all glass bottles and jars (no plastics please) as well as covered egg cartons. (We fill them with organic eggs!)

Lots going on here in the Southern Zone ... this Sunday will be the Third Annual Seed Festival in Tinamastes (see Events page). This is always a wonderful community event!

Next Tuesday, our International Women's Club is having their monthly luncheon .. see Events page for details please.

Costa Rican Children’s Drawing Competition Focuses on Environment and Peace

(share with your Tico neighbors & friends too)

Costa Rica is a leader in tourism… For now

The Solar Eclipse from August will be seen as a partial eclipse in Costa Rica and total eclipse in the USA

Get Ready for Southern Costa Rica’s Annual Dolphin and Whale Fest in September

Costa Rica Works to Protect Threatened, and Biodiverse, Mangroves

Bad Parking Can Mean More Than Three Days Wait To Recover Seized Plates

Colocarán pantallas para brindar información a usuarios de la Terminal de BusesThis article in Spanish announces new big screens coming to the Mercado Bus Station in PZ which will make it much easier to find out bus times and locations.

Get Familiar with the Changes to the Costa Rica Labor Procedural Law

Costa Rica’s High Court Orders Changes to Internet Speed Restrictions

August 2017 Brings Perseid Meteor Shower, and a Lunar and Total Solar Eclipse!

A precious 9 year old could use some help reuniting with his cat, Bootsy. Help if you can.

Beautiful 4 month old Pointer pup for sale 150,000 colones Laura Meza <mezalaurapatricia@gmail.com>