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Chemas presentation

Good afternoon:

I am Jose Medina Lopez and this is our proposal; Village School in Sustainable and Regenerative Practices “El Paso de la Danta” located on the Coastal Range, bordering the Biological Corredor from which the school gets its name. Recently has been declared by UNESCO World Biosphere Heritage and Place for Sustainable Development Learning, by Socorro de Platanares, Perez Zeledon. Place where it is intended to develop the first working model; being adaptable to diferents zones, rural or urban.

The school’s concept is the formation of an educational community made up by the students, instructors, administration, support personnel and volunteers; with their corresponding families.

The object is to provide the adequate knowledge and tools so as to empower youths as a way to understand and be able to resolve these new challenges that humanity is facing at this crossroad of history, climate change, environmental impact, social violence, that our present economic system is not compatible with the ecology of the planet, the inability to deal with these problems.

To present a working model for the bio-region and the nation, with an eventual international projection. That it serves as a multiplying factor and inspiration to other communities.

The disciplines to be shared are:

Biological horticulture

Integral reforestation

Animal husbandry

Waste management

Vernacular construction

Holistic arts for health

Natural economics

Biology & Ecology

Arts & trades

Our next step is to find logistic and financial support in order to continue. The goal is to be financially independent in a period of about 5 years. This assistance is required in order to expand on infrastructure, cover salaries, tools and didactical materials, primarily.

With the shops and farm production, sustainable tourism, that would be reaching local markets, the long term financial responsibilities would be covered. This way avoiding a common situation which many NGO’s find themselves. The point is to become financially sustainable.

Thank you

Enter in order to view our pilot program.

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