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Lama Jigme and Costa Rica

Guy Dagonnier, Hannie Haeeteman, Ligia Dagonnier

The personal assistant of Lama Jigme, our Tibetan Monk that has been three times with us in Costa Rica, has just arrived for a Silence Retreat.of one month in Pedacito de Cielo Chirripo . Exceptionally, she will be receiving all and any of you who would like to know about the Project that Lama Jigme is doing here in Costa Rica in our sacred Chirripo Mountain. This Saturday, July 1st, 2017, please join us at midday to meet this wonderful woman in Ligia & Guy Dagonnier's home in Los Angeles de Canaan, where she will be happy to answer all the questions and speak of her experiences with Lama in Luxenbourg, Irelalnd and Holland. It is going to be a pot luck lunch and we are trying to arrange to have Lama Jigme on Skype to discuss, share & teach all of us present at that moment. This is an opportunity not to be missed for those of you who have enjoyed his teachings in the past or those who would like to get acquainted with this profound and simple Tibetan Master, before he joins us early next year. As you all well know. Los Angeles de Canaan (Rivas) 500 meters up from the Escuela Talari, a big green metal gate which will be open to greet you. Ligia 2742-5151. Check our facebook page for updates .. Pedacito de Cielo Chirripo

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