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Last week, Annalisa and Chris went to Marguerite's home to video tape her amazing journey and ongoing transformation. She is living moment-by-moment with cancer and without invasive medical treatment, insurance, or normal means of financial support.

I hope soon to put a brief clip of this video interview as part of a new post on I hope to expand her support to a much larger, global community to assure her care into the future, and maybe even make it possible to afford even better care and quality of life....things such as getting a juicer or high-speed blender, a washing machine, and make some much needed repairs on her home exterior and interior, including a new paint job, and fill in the big ditch in the entrance to her driveway entrance – just for starters!

In the meantime, Marguerite is busy administering self care on a daily basis to deal with pain and keeping herself fed, rested, caring for her animals, etc. And most days now, she is up to offering a hair cut if clients can come to her, or arrange her transportation back and forth to their home.

With the rainy season slashing donations, she still needs to hire and pay for services as listed below. So maybe you'd like to JUMP ON BOARD THE LIFELINE TRAIN for Marguerite and DONATE 3 MIL/WEEK? If you'd like to be on this list please grab Sheri at the Tinamastes or San Isidro ferias, or PM Sheri Cooke here, or: She would happily receive donations for:

  • Rides to town or back - taxis are expensive, but are sometimes she is not energetically up to the 15 min walk each way to the bus stop, or when its pouring rain, or when carrying packages.

  • Dog food (she uses very inexpensive butcher by-products mixed with rice).

  • Tobacco for rolling and wrappers-(this is a habit that she cannot break and helps her deal with the pain).

  • Trimming her lawn – 15 mil every 3 weeks

  • Weekly laundry – 5 mil for 2 loads

  • Monthly water bill – 6 mil

  • Monthly garbage bill – 5 mil

  • Haircutting scissors and other beauty supplies (ask her).

  • Cover her prepago phone – 8 mil per month

  • Purchase a credit at Farmacia Mare (Dr. Rebecca) for her pain meds – 12 mil/week

  • Purchase a credit at supermarkets Supermercado CoopeAgri or Luferz.

  • Her electricity is covered for the next 4 months – thank you!!!

  • Her organic food lists are covered every week, and some cancer remedies – thank you!!!

It's amazing to think that any of us could be in Marguerite's shoes – and to have this opportunity to share a little abundance when she needs it most at this time

16 July, 2017:


...And if you miss me, you can leave a donation Thursday or Friday in the “lifeline fund” jar at the COLIBRI CORNER at the San Isidro feria.

Any amount makes a difference – thank you and bless you for your ongoing support!


Her two month post-surgery appointment is next Friday, the 21st of this month. She is eager to ask what the new pains in her chest might indicate, as well as the ongoing pain and lump under her right arm.

Other than concern about how to tell if she is making any progress or not, her attitude remains hopefully expectant, living one day at a time, according to her energy levels.

She wants to make sure you know how much she continually appreciates each donation and every other generous gift, and for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. She wishes you knew what it feels like for her are an angel!


TUESDAYS: Cash to Sheri, Tim or Tessa, or Bill Van Horn at the Tinamastes feria. OR

THURS or FRI: At the Colibri Corner at the San Isidro feria (look for “LIFELINE FUND” jars)

Paypal at: with a note, “Donation for Marguerite”.

Direct Deposit to Sheri's BCR account: call me to get the account info – 8796 4758

Marguerite's number: 8605-1335 – Sheri's 8796-4758,

5 July 2017:

FOR THOSE CONTRIBUTING TO THE “LIFELINE SUPPORT GROUP” FOR MARGUERITE BEATTIE, I wasn't at the Tinamastes feria Tuesday, but will be at the San Isidra feria. If you miss me, look for the plastic “lifeline fund” jar at the Colibri Corner.

Any amount makes a difference – thank you and bless you for your ongoing support!!


She has been experiencing more pain and swelling in the area that is supposedly “just damaged tissues” from the emergency mastectomy and she still tires quickly. She has a two-month follow up appointment at the hospital on July 21st. She is intending to get a definite answer about that and what the cancer status is overall.

She had a big set back last week, when her donor for the main cancer-fighting ingredient said he can no longer provide it, as he is helping someone in his family who needs it. “When one door shuts down, another opens”, I keep reminding her (and myself!), and she is keeping her mind focused on expecting something new, that we couldn't possibly plan or haven't thought of yet to show up. This is my deep experience of how life works.

And, she is using many other known natural cancer killers: frankincense, turmeric, mushrooms, and starving it from not eating the foods that feed it and keeping her system alkaline with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and lots of veggies.