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Changing Seasons in our Lovely Southern Costa Rica

​"Pizote Presence" by our extremely talented & loving Birthday Girl, Jan Hart. Check her website here.

Jan was also honored this week with this excellent interview in the Tico Times ... click here to read Thanks for all the updates on the ads ... please continue to keep anything we are listing for you up to the moment as to availability, etc.

We are going to be changing our ad policy as of the first of the year ... up to now our real estate for sale & rental and car ads have been a one time, $20 fee til sold. The "Stuff" for sale have been at no charge, as have the events. Will update you as we finalize our new policies. If you would like to get an ad up for the same fees, let us know before the first of the year. If you have a hotel or business or restaurant you would like to advertise, let us know that too. Happy to say our community is growing as is our readership. Thanks to all of you!


Costa Rica Celebrates 68 Years Without an Army The Best Places To Be An Expat: Costa Rica Is Sixth In The World

Costa Rica Deregulates Fixed Internet, International Calling5 questions for a U.S. painter and writer in Costa Rica

Although we try to keep our news as positive as possible, here is an important and well researched article in Forbes Magazine on some pitfalls to avoid in buying real estate in Costa Rica. It's a few years old, but still valid today.

Going to rain thru December down here says the Weather People ... that means more time for dancing in the rain! Hi ExPats of San Isidro Area, My husband and I are relocating from the U.S. to San Isidro in early 2017. We need good strong reliable phone and internet service to continue our home businesses. Is there anyone out there using Vonage phones? If so, what megabyte strength do you have and are they working well? We recently learned that Vonage has a new app that may be downloaded onto our iPhone along with our existing Vonage phone numbers. Is anyone using an iPhone? If so, which carrier is reliable in San Isidro? And do you lose service at times? We also heard that CableTica is more reliable in a rainstorm then ICE? Is this true? Thank you so much! Juana and Guillermo 928.852.0120 Caretaker Available I am a retired biologist, meditator and song writer. I am clean, organized and semi fluent in Spanish. Please contact me if you want your beautiful house and grounds maintained while you are away from them. 571-699-7197

Nice purple suitcase BRAND NEW Porter Cable Cordless Combo Kit $155.00

Wanted to let everyone know that the last couple years of the Chayotevine is now on our blog ... click here to see any old editions.

Also, if you have a listing of any kind of the website ... please help us keep all updated.

Learn to Paraglide / Fly with our Zion ... click here for details!

Amy Schrift has put together this very important petition to ban agrochemicals in our local communities ... please read and share and sign, click here.

Gas Prices To Drop This Week

Wanted: used full size gas stove with oven, and used gas tank, washing machine, 8915 2561, or

I need someone coming from the USA to CR within the next two weeks to bring about 5lbs or less of assorted items. I will pay $30-50 depending upon quantity of items. Please contact

There will be 'Magic at Manoas' retreat December 9th-16th ... click here for more information.

Costa Rica Pura Vida Embodied Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat February 5th-11th, 2017 w Anne Pitman and David Jewitt

I have a selection of excellent Bee Keeping Books in perfect condition. Write me at

Movement Therapist/ Pilates Instructor

Hello, My husband and I are relocating to Costa Rica. I am a Movement therapist and teach authentic Pilates as well. I am hoping to offer my skills in either a clinic setting or studio..with the hopes to find a space close to the water to open a wellness clinic/studio. All and any information or possible opportunities welcome.. I love to teach and help those that wish to feel well in their bodies and minds .. Thank you Wendy Lewis

905 975 9800

Save the Date! Sunday, December 18th will be our Annual Community Christmas Dinner with Chef Memo. Details to come soon!

For a self sufficient, off grid beautiful organic farm ... click here for more information.

We will have large (3 kilos mas o menos) farm fresh chickens at Colibri's Corner this week and thruout the holiday season ... not a bad idea to send a pre-order to