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Supermoon coming to light our way in our Glorious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Everything has a beginning and an ending. Make peace with that and all will be well...

In life we cannot avoid change, we cannot avoid loss.

Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change.

....Jack Kornfield (with thanks to our dear Wynn Mackey for bringing this quote to light today)

We’re about to see a record-breaking supermoon - the biggest in nearly 70 years The closest full moon in the 21st century.

Click here to read Marguerite's Astrology page written for us this week.

Turrialba Volcano has been quite active and lots of flights have been cancelled or postponed ... check here for all flights to/from Alajuela

19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations this time of great changes ... check out what nature can do!

The Yamaka Zone with Jamie Roy by our dearly loved Christopher Gardner

Photography Exposition at Complejo Cultural in downtown PZ on our Campesinos ... our farmers & country dwellers (article in Spanish)

Finally! You can call to check if you have restrictions to leave the country

How Yoga Should Be Done ... a little comedy today

Introducing Starlight Studio ... home of exciting Dance Programs in Dominical

Jungle Dance Presents Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Saturday, December 3, 2016. Roca Verde in Dominical.

Rentals in the Chimirol/Canaan area. I know of at least 12 rentals in this area as I have been looking for myself. most are $100 a month, unfurnished, one is $250 a month, furnished. Some require 4x4 to access. Wendy Crews 8915 2461 or

Teacher would like to move before the new school year starts in February 2017----wants to sell and is reducing her Price as an incentive to 75 million colones or around $137,000 USD!! A great savings on a beautiful home with a super location! Click here to see this wonderful home.

Please check our lots & land page ... excellent property for secluded lodge or private home sites is on the top. Others below. Click here for this great piece and others.

We have some wonderful new listings on our Fincas / Farms page ... click here to visit.

And for a unique, self sufficient, off grid beautiful organic farm ... click here for more information.

Another new listings in San Vito ... click here to visit.

JUST IN: Coconut aminos in large bottles as well as Teriyaki or Garlic ... absolutely delicious & very healthy for your digestion.

Here are a few of the new & available items on our Great Stuff to Buy & Sell page:

  • Samsung Refrigerator ...

  • Salad Spinner Orange 5 gallon - Dynamic International, new in box, write

  • Panasonic SC-PT570 DVD stereo and surround sound system 5 speakers and sub-woofer - $50

  • Madden 13 NFL video game

  • Oppo OPDV971H DVD player - $35

  • Go Pro 3 - $150

  • Wine Enthusiast 21-Bottle Silent Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Cooler