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Marguerite's Astrology

Sabian Astrology Tarot
week of October 13- 19 2016
Super Full Moon
Oct. 16 at Aries 23
Fiery, powerful, passionate, equality are some of the words that come to mind for this week!
The planets are crazy again, Mercury squares Mars and Uranus and Eris get in on it with a sextile. By Friday and the full moon we are talking intense energies.
Mercury will be activating drama and revelations. This will amplify over the weekend.
We may see"the truth's" personally and collectively.It is our choice to see this from a loving and balanced view.
This is the time to make choices from your highest self. The old egoic way does not work anymore.
We are a bit like babes in these higher vibrations, we will feel them physically, mentally and spiritually of course.
Be discerning and try not to get stuck in your stories or rehashing past events. Move on confidently.
Many windows and ideas will free-flow now and they are coming divinely, pay attention these openings are not in linear time.
The Scorpio Pluto, Neptune, Venus influences are very (deep watery). Stay aligned with integrity, honesty (self), accountability, and humility .
There is a strong desire present to wear rose-colored glasses with these energies, so watch that you are not in denial about anything. The energies are aggressively pushing us to see (what we might be hiding from). Stay clear of "power over" anything.
Remember we all have our own "right way", be non-judge-mental and respect others paths.
Stay receptive to the unexpected.
We are still on "the magic carpet ride" and have "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery"
The full moon sabian symbol is "blown open by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia".
Not only are we being given an influx of higher consciousness it is also morphing into our container(mind, body, and soul_
This week's energies are not for the weak of heart or mind. The more I look at the weekend energies the more I recommend Friday through Monday to lay low. These keywords may help for a smoother ride, Freedom, resourcefulness, expansion, curiosity, kindness, compassion, and always LOVE.
Please contact me if you are interested in a private reading or just to let me know how you like the reports.
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Aries- Ten of Wands- Just how much weight are you willing to carry? Lighten up,
its getting better. You are so up for the challenge Aries!
Taurus- Two of Cups and King of Cups- A lot about romance and getting to the core of...... Celebrate every small step, they will become larger then life!
Gemini- Six of Cups- The universe will bring something important to you this week. This may just stop you in your tracks.
Cancer- The World and Knight of Wands- Wow take the weight of the world off you and jump on top! You have always enjoyed roller coaster rides, right?!
Leo- Death- No fear, you are finally letting goof what no longer serves, trust NOW. Bright days await you.
Virgo- Knight of Swords- Do what you can to expand everything you love about you.
Suit up show up and you will seal the deal.
Libra- The Hermit- Jupiter can solve just about everything for you Libra, and with Mercury entering the sky is the limit, think everything through though!!!
Scorpio- Five of Swords- Things are coming full circle, do not bring anything with you that does not serve.
Sagittarius- The Chariot- It is highly possible you will receive a swift push from the universe.... Be grateful your soul is1
Capricorn- Four of Swords- You are receiving an extra dose of cosmic energy NOW.
Use it to your best and it will benefit all!
Aquarius- Five of pentacles- Your soul is breaking through and you will attract your deepest and grandest wishes and desires, only you know what the blocks are.....
Pisces- Four of Cups- Darling are you feeling a little bored? Sometimes we have to give up something to truly benefit our souls. Have gratitude for this!

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