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Autumnal Equinox Blessings ... Blood Moon / Super Moon Rising

Double Rainbow over San Isidro ... by our resident & beloved artist, Jan Hart

If anyone needs information on the Yellow Vaccine requirement when returning to Costa Rica from a South American country please contact us at

I have a FABULOSO 2 bdrm house in Tinamastes (Costa Rica) with a BREATHTAKING view of the valley AND the OCEAN!!! I need to make a trip back to stateside and am looking for someone that needs to rent a very special place for a month (two MAX!!) Rent is $250 including everything!! Elec, Water. There is no internet, though the sound from the Toucans is entertaining enuf!! This is a safe, family and clean, clean, clean neighborhood close to Feria...20 mins to Perez, 20 mins to Dominical and SO peaceful!! Call if interested. 506 8720 8355 or PM me!! No animals...sorry.

Considering hiking Chirripó National Park?

Climbing Chirripó™ gives you the opportunity to keep enjoying yourself while we make all the necessary arrangements in order to book your ticket to the top!

Feel free to visit our website and contact us for more information.

¡Pura Vida! (see more on our Services page)

We are moving back to the states due to an unexpected family emergency. Leaving next week and need to sell NOW. These are the items we have left (please make offers):

  • 4-burner Atlas electric stove and oven. 110V (but has a large plug like the 220V). Bought new for $440.

  • Wood full/matrimonial size bed frame. Bought new for $130. No mattress.

  • Berkey water filter plus set up (2 gallon-size glass jars plus plastic filtration tube), bought new for $175. Berkey filters get rid of bacteria, viruses, protozoa (including GIARDIA), and other contaminants like flouride and chlorine.

  • Black and Decker blender with two carafes (one plastic, one glass). Bought new for $50.

8423 6017 Melissa or 8423 6037 Nick

Taking orders for Casey & Sebastian's ham ... turkeys, chickens, fresh trout.

Delicious vegan treats such as Organic Pesto, cookies, crackers and more.

Organic Maca ... Nutrtitional Yeast ... Dates ... Brazil Nuts ...

Pura Vida Blessings to all

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