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Once in a Blue Moon ...

Luna Azul ... Blue Full Moon on Friday, July 31st

Blue Moons occur when there are two full moons in one month ... like this one. I also wanted to mention our friends, Silani & James Wahlgren from Finca Luna Azul who are contributing so much to our community ... including producing organic medicinial herbs on their farm.

Here is an important article from our own Ed Bernhardt from Finca Alba Nueva 5 health-boosting ways to improve your garden's soil

Costa Rica's famed Manuel Antonio National Park will close on Mondays starting this month

Thanks to all who let me know that the links I put here to connect with our Events, Rentals, Stuff for Sale etc. were not working properly and my apologies for the inconveniences! Apparently when we update our pages, the website changes the link, very disheartening. We are working on a solution ... so for now please go to the homepage at and from there you can go to all the Community and Real Estate etc. pages.

Pura Vida Blessings to all ... check out our special new products here.

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