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Being a Perezoso (Sloth) in Southern Costa Rica

Lovely sloth by Sandra Chandler Hiebert (I've been feeling pretty slothy myself)

Matt’s Cook-Ass Culinary Retreat is happening at Finca Mia, Los Angeles De Rivas May 14th-17th, 2015. Do yourself a favor and learn some great stuff in a gorgeous setting. Click here for details.

Turrialba has been having its fits and starts ... if you have a flight to connect with ... check it out before you head toward the airport.

Locally grown turkeys available now year round! Fresh or frozen. Can be picked up at Colibri's Corner at PZ Market by order. Make arrangements with Barbara Wolfe-Johnson to make orders.

+506-2787-0534 (H)

+506-8935-3671 (M)

Hello everybody, due to our new plans , we have to sell our new VITAMIX, our white excalibur dehydrator, our new Kuvings juicer, fender guitars, world percussion instruments, 4 lightning softboxes for video and fotoproduction and much more awesome things. Check out our little - SALES BLOG. Enrico & Laila

Evan's KaleGasms are back by popular demand! They're not a kale chip - more like kale sandwich that'll please anyone's palate, including raw vegans. 2 pieces are sandwiched together with raw seeds, veggies, pink Himalayan sea salt and a bit of spice. Ingredients are organic and raw, dehydrated at 105 degrees F to ensure that it's alive! Experience the KaleGasm and feel the quake! Exclusively available at Colibri's Corner.

We will be bringing beautiful moringa trees and moringa powder this week ... also available neem oil and trees (trees by order) and other super foods such as Organic Hemp Seeds and Spirulina.

At Colibri's Corner this week we are happy to offer various and super delicious raw goat cheeses (some with herbs), Mozzarelli & Swiss Cheeses; Goat Yoghurt, Smoked Trout, Blackberry Cobbler, Raw Vegan treats, Pop Corn, Farm fresh eggs, and Organic Tobacco.

We also have available: Oregano Oil / Organic Hemp Seeds / Organic Maca (very limited supply) / Nutritional Yeast / Neem Oil / Moringa Oil and Moringa Seeds / Reishi Extract / Super Yum Dates / Organic Cacao Butter and the most delicious all natural Honey I have ever tasted.

Please remember to let us know if you've sold or rented or no longer need your ad on the website

A reminder too, that getting your ads in by Tuesday 10am really helps us get this Vine out in a timely manner ... we still receive several submissions much later than that.

Pre-orders are so appreciated ... and help with the flow of everything ... the earlier the better and thanks for all. Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance.

Pura Vida Connections Website - Home of the Chayotevine

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