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Spring Equinox ... Volcanic Eruptions ... Smoked Trout ... Goat Cheese and Super Moon

Although most of us here in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica are not being directed affected by the recent and perhaps ongoing eruptions of our neighbor, Volcan Turrialba ... the Vulcanologists are saying it's probably not over yet! Currently, our San Jose Airport, Juan Santamaria is operating normally, and of course, that is subject to change if more eruptions occur. Click here for direct link to the airport page which will tell you what's up there!

Emergency Officials Keep Watchful Eye on the Turrialba Volcano

An interesting historical volcanic fact ... is that when then President, John F Kennedy visited Costa Rica in March, 1963, he was greeted by Volcano Irazu erupting.

Mama Earth will be celebrating her Spring Equinox this Friday, March 20th ... the day of the year when day and night are equal in length (equinox is Latin for 'equal night.'Dozens of women will be celebrating together at Finca Amrta for the 9th Annual Women's Regional Equinox Gathering beginning Thursday. (Check Events page for details). Friday also has a Super New Moon that day ... and in many parts of the world, a total solar eclipse will be visible (unfortunately not here) ... our next visible eclipse will be a lunar one ... the shortest of the 21st century, on April 4th.

The schedule for the Perez Zeledon feria will be "normal" this week and next ... and the Semana Santa (Holy Week) days will be Tuesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 1st. Most probably our wonderful organic sellers will be coming on Tuesday (I will verify that this week at the feria and let you know for sure).

Also for planning ... the banks take holidays on Semana Santa and Banco Nacional will close on April 1st, at 3:45pm ... and reopen Monday, April 6th.

Vanishing of the Bees ...The BUZZZZ is True! Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica presents Co-Director Maryam Henein at Hotel Roca Verde Dominical Beach Costa Rica Tuesday March 24 to screen the important documentary Vanishing of the Bees about Colony Collapse Disorder. We will have a special bilingual Q & A hosted by Jennifer Smith and Maryam Henein about Tropical Trees and Bees Symbiosis! Come learn how to be part of the healthy progress being made for our furry, buzzy, sticky Bee friends! (Check Events page for details).

Colibri's Corner has some beautiful Isabella Grape plants ... for more than a couple please send pre-order. Remember than Moringa and Neem and Ylang-Ylang are also available ... preferably by pre-order. We also have Neem Oils & Moringa Oils ... as well as Reishi Extract and Detox Formula.

It's been really interesting hearing about the different microclimates around our area ... some have experienced blessed drenching rain ... and others not a drop yet ... it feels like rainy season is imminent ... couldn't be happier about that.

Hope to see many of you this week at the feria ... we will have abundant Smoked Trout (sorry for those who have been disappointed) ... blackberry cobblers ... Blackstrap Molasses ... Organic Apple & Banana Vinegars .. Delicious Raw Vegan Cookies and Crackers ... and a new organic product ... Purple Corn Chips! Also happy that we have a good supply of Nutritional Yeast and Organic Hemp Seeds ... both extremely delicious! Our Raw Herbed Goat Cheese is amazing ... and the Swiss Cheese is excellent!

A reminder too, that getting your ads in by Tuesday 10am really helps us get this Vine out in a timely manner ... we still receive several submissions much later than that. Pre-orders are so appreciated ... and help with the flow of everything ... the earlier the better and thanks for all. Remember too that we have International Calling Cards ... way cheaper than ICE long distance. Pura Vida Blessings to All

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