The Hacienda, the Costa Rica tax authority, has announced that it will begin a dissolution process for over 74,000 Costa Rician corporations who have not paid their annual taxes or are otherwise inactive. This includes Sociedades Anónimas (S.A.) or Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada (S.R.L.). Over the years many expats have created corporations for their homes, vehicles, businesses, and other entities, to protect their assets from collateral damages in cases of legal actions against them (for example, under the law a home cannot be considered an asset that can be attached as the result of damages from a vehicle accident, if either are in separate corporations.) Many of those corporations

What a Gorgeous March we are Enjoying here in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Ladybug covered in dew. "Let's stay calm ... and love ladybugs." Welcome to Several New Members & Pura Vida Greetings to All! On March 20th, a Super Full Moon is coming and will coincide with the Spring Equinox. 13th Annual Sisterhood Woman's Gathering. Feeling The Flow ... Mar 29 at 3 PM – Mar 31 at 3 PM. More info here. Donating your body to medical science in Costa Rica Following four previous successful donor events, more members of our expat community have expressed the wish to donate their body to medical science in Costa Rica. One again, staff of the Medical school of the University of Costa Rica are willing to come to San Isidro to enable potential donors to complete the paperwork

March brings so much Beauty to our Ever Colorful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Trogón Vientrianaranjado - Orange-bellied Trogon - Raul Vega Welcome to Several New Subscribers & Pura Vida Blessings to All! Russian Classical Ballet Company to Present Romeo and Juliet in Costa Rica How to get Your Drivers License and RTV in Costa Rica This weekend there are lots of great activities happening ... including a Bingo in La Bonita de Rivas (please see Events page for more info). New Traffic Fines have now been published for 2019 ... click here. Our new Madras Hummus is incredible ... we sold out last week early! Come by for a taste with Diane's delicious Flaxxxers! Donating your body to medical science in Costa Rica Following four previous successful donor events, more membe

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