Strawberry Full Moon & Saturn to Light our Way in our Miraculous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Eye Candy Evening by Sharon Puckett Welcome several new subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All! We will be having a Strawberry Full Moon rising tomorrow, June 28th ... as well as perhaps be able to see Saturn if it is clear enough. We want to welcome the new Eco Feria in Dominical ... Fridays 8 til 1pm at the back of Patrons and wish them the best of luck! This Friday at 9am magicl Yogini Kirk Angelo Blaker will be giving classes too! Hope to see you this week at the San Isidro / PZ feria at Colibri's Corner ... we will have fresh delicious Organic Kale Chips, new product: chocolate chips, new shipment of fluoride free toothpastes and some excellent Essential Oils! Also, the only place h

Laughing Falcons & other Happy Beings in our Splendid Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Laughing Falcon by Sally Rose Dolak ... See her Puriscal page here: Warm Welcome to Lots of new Subscribers this week ... and Pura Vida Blessings to All Hope to see you this week at Colibri's Corner ... we will have fresh yummy cinnamon buns ... made with real butter and blackberry cobbler to live for! Diane's Flaxxers are a real treat and our Kale Chips must be tried! Come in for samples! Just got in a selection of Fluoride Free Toothpastes ... and excellent quality essential oils too. A very special event is coming up Saturday in Tinamastes ... the Fourth Annual Seed Festival ... check our Events page or go to Vida Autentica's Website here. One of my personal environmental heroes, Fabian

Jumping for Joy to Be in the Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Welcome New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All! Thanks for all the updates ... any stragglers please get back to me if you have an ad that hasn't been yet been brought current on our website. Looks like we have lots of rain ahead ... so be prepared all! The Cerro has been closed quite a bit the last few days ... when it is open they are requesting 4 wheel drive only, so check it out if you are heading up or down! Was looking at the stats for the website and the most visited page is the Rentals ... I know there are several people looking currently. Let us know if you have anything to rent! There is a sweetheart of a man who sells us baskets for the feria ... really good quality that

Kissing Sunflowers ... Life in the Sunny & Rainy Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome to Several New Subscribers and Pura Vida Blessings to All! Please check our Events page for several very exciting and wonderful events coming up soon! So grateful many of you have been updating your ads! If you have an ad for anything and haven't brought it current ... please please do so right away! We also offer shipping and delivery service throughout Costa Rica. For our area ... we have a network of Xpress & Taxi's who can delivery our products 7 days a week ... just let us know! On feria days, we can also do limited shopping and shipping. Our neighbor at the PZ feria, Maria, will be bringing fresh Coconut Milk and also to the Tinamastes feria. Just got in some Green Mango Chutne

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