Leaving October in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sometimes life feels like walking on a tightrope. Welcoming several new members to our Chayotevine Family this week ... just as I am writing this a 'temblor' or earthquake just rattled away. There have been several lately. As always, be prepared for anything, which brings me to one of my favorite sayings ... "trust in God and tie your horses." Our web provider messed with our links recently and thanks to all who let me know. The links below should all be right ... our apologies for any confusion. If you ever miss a weekly Chayotevine Newsletter or you want to check out past ones ... you can go to the Blog page here. This would be a great week to go to Carol's Club Luncheon on Friday ... see

AsTrology with Marguerite

Sabian Astrology Tarot11-22-33Week of Oct.26 to Nov.2                   NEW MOON IN SCORPIOOct

Never ending beauty in our magical Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We are welcoming many new members to our growing community this week with this lovely pastoral scene. We've been getting lots of updates and would appreciate anyone who has a listing on our website to make sure it is current ... many thanks. Our buy/sell page particularly could use updating by listers. ​ We are gearing up for the busier season ahead with new advertising possibilities ... write advertising@puravidaconnections.com if you are interested. ​ We are expanding our Chayotevine Blog page on our website ... please feel free to submit what you would like to share with our readers. We welcome Henry this week and here is his blogpost, How you can save the rainforest and coral reefs ... b

AsTrology with Marguerite

Astrology, Sabian symbol, and Tarot 11-22-33 week of Oct. 19- Oct. 26 Hey everybody, how has the full moon treated you this week? We are looking at another big week, the shift is on. We have distinct choices to make. On Wed. the 19th we have Mars and Pluto in conjunction this energetic is sharp, intense, incisive, and efficient. We can upgrade our focus and clarity if we take the time. On the down side these energies can bubble over causing tempers to flare, frustration and power games. I haven't really put much attention on the Presidential election in my report, but if you are going to watch the last debate, it promises to be very reality show crazy. On Saturday the Sun in Scorpio will ga

How You Can Save The Rainforest And Coral Reefs

I have lived in Costa Rica for 26 years and have been involved in conservation and am an interpretive naturalist. We can all make a difference to our planet if we are informed first. So I would like to share this information with this wonderful group. You all seem so much more in touch with our world then so many others and this can only help you be more connected. How YOU Can Save the Rainforest and Coral Reefs Over 97% of the pacific tropical rainforests from northern Costa Rica to Mexico have been cut down. Rainforests of this size and larger have been cut down throughout the world including the Amazon, Indonesia, the Congo and others. The temperature after removing the rainforest has ris

Living in a Cacao Wonderland in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Wonderous Cacao The full moon will be shining on us Saturday nite ... see Marguerite's Astrology for more. Wonderful Costa Rican Nature By Continents Insolites .. nice video Modern Day Medicine Man by our own Christopher Gardner and Kevin O'Neill We are in a Blitz of Meteor Showers Southern Costa Rican Kids Learn on First Boat-Based Museum Kundalini Yoga Class in Miravalles this Saturday ... see Events page for details. Wanted, someone to bring a computer and possibly a few other things from the US. Will pay $50. wendycrews@gmail.com New Rental Opportunities: 2 story semi- open house on park like 1.5 hectar Chimirol de Rivas. Semi-furnished, full kitchen, stove, fridge, washer, optional g

Marguerite's Astrology

Sabian Astrology Tarot 11-22-33 week of October 13- 19 2016 Super Full Moon Oct. 16 at Aries 23 RADICAL AWAKENING Fiery, powerful, passionate, equality are some of the words that come to mind for this week! The planets are crazy again, Mercury squares Mars and Uranus and Eris get in on it with a sextile. By Friday and the full moon we are talking intense energies. Mercury will be activating drama and revelations. This will amplify over the weekend. We may see"the truth's" personally and collectively.It is our choice to see this from a loving and balanced view. This is the time to make choices from your highest self. The old egoic way does not work anymore. We are a bit like babes in these hi

Blessing the Rain in our Lively & Tropical Southern Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Other Cloud Forest: Los Quetzales National Park Blessings to all ... so much wonderful energy in our part of the world ... so many talented and loving people are moving here recently. Check out the Astral Forecasts with Marguerite here. Thanks for the updates and please keep everything current as we can! Costa Rica among the best countries for expats according to international study Judiciary Orders Creation Of Website To Check “Exit Restrictions” From Leaving Costa Rica Picturesque Costanera Sur Being Resurfaced How sweet it is: plants that may support diabetes treatment by our own Ed Bernhardt Huge garage sale on SATURDAY and SUNDAY (Oct 8th and 9th). Everyone is welcome so pl

Marguerite's Astrology

SABIAN ASTROLOGY AND TAROT 11-22-33 Week of October 6 to October 13 2016 Welcome everybody, this is a rainy day report (being a little long). Feel free to skip to your sign, but do come back and read as we begin a look at The Sabian Symbols! It is amazing just how connected everything really is! Let's take a look at the planets for this week> Mars and Jupiter square, pumping our energies to go deeper in all facets of our lives. Venus sextiles Pluto, juicing up our creativity in the arts, beauty and sexuality. Mercury will transit Libra and that will add to creative expression. Later in the week Mercury will conjunct with Jupiter,raising consciousness and seeing or hearing that everyone has s

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