Singing in the Rain in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​The Magical World of Frogs by Wil Mijer Our neighboring volcano to the North, Turrialba, has been showing off lately ... as have 40 other volcanoes around the world. Here is one international report ... and here is a local one, Turrialba Erupts Violently Tuesday Night. “Costa Rica Will Not Censor The Internet”, Telecommunications Minister Traffic Police To Carry Out Vehicle Inspection During Spotchecks Costa Rica Named The Top Contributor To Biodiversity In Latin America Colibri's Corner is now open in the evenings until 8pm ... as is the rest of the Perez Zeledon feria ... drop by our booth and say hello to Adria! We are so fortunate to have our friends at Kapi Blu hosting local musicians

Dancing in the Rain in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Perez ... Visuales Steven Om HAPPY BIRTHDAY TICO TIMES AT 60, THE TICO TIMES CELEBRATES TRADITION — AND REINVENTION New map shows importance of Central America indigenous communities to forest conservation Costa Rica and The Global Popularity of Reptiles by Carol Vaughn And visit our amazing & local Parque Reptilandia ... between San Isidro and Dominical ...check website here. In Costa Rica, A Vibrant Chocolate Scene Wonderful article featuring three of our local Chocolateers ... Marijuana oil helps Costa Rican child - Costa Rica Report Costa Rica Will Host Major Medical Marijuana Conference Best local weather report I have found (thanks Casey Bahr) Blockage number helping reduce cell thef


​Fine Art Winner Barbara Driscoll 2016 Audubon Photography Awards Winners Species: Green Violetear Savegre Hotel, San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica Do yourselves a favor and visit this Audubon Society webpage to see other breath-giving Winners from this year. Speaking of bird wonderment ... this weekend, Saturday & Sunday May 4th & 5th, will be a celebration at the Alexander Skutch Festival in Quizarra ... check our Events page for details. Our area is so blessed to have Las Nubes and York University and Andrew Skutch's legacy ... here is a little about it all if you don't yet know. On the other hand ... another truly amazing, local, must visit attraction, is Reptiliandia ... between San I

Dancing for Happy in our Awesome Southern Zone of Costa Rica

It's a great idea to disconnect all electronics during these wild lightning and thunder storms we are enjoying this Rainy Season ... stories of fried appliances are not much fun. (Haven't confirmed lately ... but ICE used to cover appliances burned during storms if you reported it within 10 daysand had all receipts ... let me know if anyone has discussed this with ICE lately). Also about ICE .. it's useful to know that rates are much lower between 8pm and 6am (less than half the rate of other times). A big savings with dryers, dehydrators and the like. There have been several reports of Dengue in the Dominical area ... I heard there may be up to 20 cases. You don't want to get it, I promise

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