Beautiful 2-Story Home for Sale



Beautiful 2-story, 3-bedrooms, small study, 2-bath home located in the community of Las Mesa, PZ. This 1,900 sq-ft home offers a large master suite with in-suite bathroom, private balcony, closets, kitchen with spacious cabinets, tiled downstairs floors, beautiful Teak wood ceilings throughout, and Teak hardwood floors in 2-storry bedrooms, hot water heater, ceiling fans, laundry room, car port, and fenced-in yard. The house is located in the mountains of PZ within 50 yards of the paved road and easy access to the town of San Isidro and Pejiballe. Cool temperatures, fruit trees, coffee plants, birds, and other animals abound in this beautiful property of 4180 m2 (1-acre). Amenities include cable and phone service, water and electric service, and internet. Selling Price: $100,000.00 Motivated seller.

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