March 19th (2:PM) thru Sunday March 22nd.

Closing circle ends by noon.


WHAT TO BRING:  Tents, bedding, comfortable clothing for day and evening (it can be chilly at night), bedding if you reserved a bed or mattress, flashlight, yoga mat, towel, bathing suit, musical instruments, candles, sage, insect repellent plus…

    •    A sacred object for an altar we will create

    •    An inspirational book/reading for others to peruse

    •    A thought, poem, song, story, reflection or intention for our Inspirational Intergenerational wisdom and drum circle     


For more information, please contact:

Amy - - Phone:  8352-6614  

Diane – - Phone:  8427-8779 or

Suzanne - - Phone:  2770-4185


Please provide your own transportation.  

(Please no alcohol or drugs on premises)

Please Register Your Attendance Here

You will have a chance to introduce your workshop, etc. at the opening ceremony where we will provide a schedule that will include your workshop, time and place. ***If your workshop requires materials that will not be provided by you, we need to know this information in advance so that we can put it on the wish list.

Please Register Your Class / Workshop Here 



20% Discount If You Register Before March 5th!


Do you desire to teach a class, workshop or lead a discussion group?


Half scholarships available.

WHERE:   FINCA AMRTA, near San Isidro - - 



COST:    $100 (54,000 colones) or $35 (19,000 colones) per day flat rate includes full day or any portion thereof regardless of arrival time.

$80 (43,000 colones) IF PAID BY MARCH 5TH! 



CHILDREN:  $50 (27,000) for ages 6-12 years.  $40 (21,000) IF PAID BY MARCH 5TH! (Children under 5 years are free)


Payment includes meals (vegetarian/vegan/raw), ample camping space, workshops, classes (except material fees), baby-sitting and children’s activities, ceremonies, campfires, music, yoga, river dipping, etc.


NOTE:  A limited number of beds\mattresses are available, for $25 for the weekend.  Beds can be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Please provide your own bedding.


Payment can be made at any time to Suzanna, Diane, Amy or to Colibri's Corner at the San Isidro Feria on Thursdays or Fridays.


$$$$ Correct change is always appreciated!!!

Payment can also be made via PayPal to


REFUND POLICy:  An appeal for a refund must be requested by Wednesday March 18th


There are 5 half work-trade scholarships available for those women who will be attending the entire gathering.  You will be required to pay $40 (21,000 colones) and work the following schedule:

2 hours on Thursday, 4 hours on Friday, 4 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday.

-- Three Half-Scholarships available for Children's Activities Coordinators

-- Two Half-Scholarships available for Kitchen Assistant, i.e. clean-up after all meals.

Please send us an email if interested in a half-scholarship, as these will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

NOTE: We will request that every woman attending the gathering sign up for service during the weekend. i.e.meal prep, serving meals, etc.

Register For a Scholarship Here

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