Sustainable ECO Domes For Sale


What are the domes?

The domes are uniquely inspired by an architect based on sacred geometric angles, combined with
sustainable building material, without use of any metal within it's dome structures, in order to preserve
it's energy fields within. No outside microwave fields penetrate the dome structures. The structures
also hold special acoustics for sound & music, a perfect space to hold these types of events, including

yoga or other similar activities.


There are 3 domes, each with 2 levels, all connected together, facing Westward towards the Ocean
sunset, with a built in deck on the 2nd level of the main dome upper level. 2 main bedrooms, 1 large
main central area room, connected to the kitchen and bathroom. The upper smaller dome areas can be
utilized for many things, including a sleeping loft for 2. The upper level in the main dome can also be
used for a bdrm or massage/healing room. The utility area is under the spiraling floating stairway in
the main dome. The upper level of the main dome opens up through a door into a deck area of 600 ft2
(55 m2. The kitchen is underneath the deck, so has a slightly smaller area due to the expansion
distance of the dome bases. In total, the entire area of the domes are calculated to be around 2000 ft2
(185m2). The entire dome structure is covered by a steel and lamina structures roof covering 4000 ft2
(367m2), to insure covered parking at the entrance as well as a fully covered deck to be able to enjoy

the open space, even when it rains.

Why are they for sale?

Originally they were built to live in full time, but life brought my partner & daughter to Europe, where
I wish to put the money from the sale of the domes into another eco-project near Lisbon. The farm Lots
are now completely full and the farm is bustling with different groups of people, all which aim for a
better way of living in harmony with nature. It is full of life, but the domes have their privacy, it's own
driveway, and some of the most amazing views on the farm. I put so much love and detail into the
domes as any owner would, not intending to ever put them for sale. I know they will go to the right

people who feel the passion I did & care for them as I have.


The Farm

Fuente Verde was started in 2007 by a vision from founders and initial investors to create a sustainable
and organic community 60 Acre farm. It has since filled up and after years of infrastructure, road
improvements, water and electric placement, much value has been invested over time. Each Hectare
owner now has a “farm maintenance fee” of 100 USD per month that covers road/electrical/water
upgrades and maintenance. The entire farm has now been sectioned into individually owned and
surveyed Hectares of land. The Hectare one which the domes are in are protected and held in a private
Costa Rica SA (corp). Once purchased, it can simply be transferred ownership to whichever desired

entity required (personal or S.A.).

For more a more informative & detailed prospectus on the domes

please contact:
Whatsapp: +1 4157708578

Whatsapp: +351 930438040
(James - owner) Serious inquiries only



Diamante Valley – Tinemastes Los Tumbas – Costa Rica
(3 hours drive South of San Jose, near Dominical - West Coast)

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