San Marcos, Pejibaje, Perez Zeledon


Owner Financing on 2 Bedroom House with 1 Bathroom/Shower on a beautiful 254m2 lot,

located in the San Marcos, District of Pejibaje, Perez Zeledon.

Great views of surrounding areas and Chirripo mountain range and easy access 150 meters from paved road.

Located 3k from Pejibaje Central, where banking, shopping and everything is close by and about

30 minute drive to San Isidro de General, where the feria is located and more choices for shopping and all.

The house has been partially renovated and is a work in progress and can be sold “as is” or afterwork completed.

The yard has been recently landscaped with various new trees and plants, and has mangos, yucca,

avocados, papayas, coconuts, cocao(chocolate), bread fruit, and other recently added, that will

make this place a paradise of food, when everything is in full production,

for such a small place, with nice garden & green house area.

Water is AyA municipality and electric is ICE and INTERNET

via Kolbi is strong signal and tower within site, close by.

School is about 1k away, as well, as a clinic, and several grocery stores and restraraunts,

all within walking distance, nearby locally. Also included is a concrete pig pen, roughly 10’x10’, that has built in water feeders and suitable

for 3 hogs, currently being used for chickens. There is a large barn covered area, that serves as parking area, for 1 or 2 cars, and some additional work space and area, for whatever purpose, that could be removed and 2 story over under, with

parking cabin put in it’s place, and on the list of things to do, if property does not sell by end of the year. Also included is currently a dismantled rancho, that is 12’x12’ roughly, that can be used for whatever, or re-assembled. New modern aluminum windows installed, to replace the existing ones, that were fixed pane and hung lower than standard height.

Electric updated inside in 2011, with modern breaker box and conduit for new wiring,

Interior paint is good in 90% of the house with bathroom and back porch area, on list for this season finishing.

Exterior paint job, is planned 100%, along with replacing a segment of the old roof, that was not

replaced previously, when other sections new roof and paint outside.

Kitchen is currently being installed, with new cabinets and bar top, and sink. Atlas Refrigerator included.

The asking price is $22,000 “as is” currently and was appraised in 2011

for $18,000 and current tax value. As work progresses and improvements made,

this price will increase with $25,000 for it completed, with all of the above.

I am willing to carry the note for a few years, if that helps anyone with $10,000 down and balance

carried up to 36 months, at 0% interest, for the remaining $12,000,

that payments would be around $300-400 per month.

Flexible to large extent, though price is fairly firm, as I would be open to a cash offer for $20k

today, though not in a hurry to sell it and that is what I have invested in it, and anything less than

$20k, would not be in my best interest, as again the appraisal and tax value of the house, was

over $18k in 2011 and that is what it was before upgrades.

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