Full Moon to Shine on Us This Weekend in our Amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Welcome to Many New Chayotevine Subscribers ... looks like a lot of people are finding our little piece of Paradise here. We will be open at Colibri's Corner at the PZ Feria (first booth in front of supermarket) from 7 to 6 on Thursday and 8 to 1 on Friday! Just got in: Nutritional Yeast, Fluoride Free Toothpastes, Various Stevias, Nag Champa and Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (great against mosquitos) and other Natural Bug Sprays! Just got word that we will have plenty of our Organic Grass Fed Butter .. salted & unsalted available this week!!! If you have a rental, we have several families looking at the moment and expect many more coming down. Let us know! Be sure and check out our Events page .. s


Last night Marguerite met with the physician in charge of the Palliative Care Program with our local hospital. She was relieved and hopeful from what she learned! After their interview and a brief exam of the new tumors, the doctor asked Marguerite to return next week for a thorax x-ray. It has been two months since the follow-up exam with the surgeon of her mastectomy, and since then, it is obvious the tumors which were not removed are now spreading across her chest cavity. An x-ray will reveal if the cancer has spread to her lungs or spine. Still, the doctor was surprised that its been two years since the first tumor appeared, and with only a mastectomy, without any other conventional me

Iggy Pop Welcomes You to our Wild & Wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Iggy Pop by TANIA CAPPELLUTI photography cell +506 83252514 skype playkula tania.cappelluti@berlin.de www.facebook.com/cappellutiphoto www.instagram.com/taniacappellutiphotography Welcome New Readers to our Chayotevine Community and as always, blessings to all. Our 6 point 4 - 9 Earthquake was a great wake up call to stay prepared as best we can, all batteries charged, drinkable water ... Our Beloved Pacha Mama is roaring and raining and shining and shaking and reminding us that she is a living, powerful entity to be respected by us all. More Americans choose Costa Rica to study La Niña Is Here. This Is What That Means For Costa Rica. Couldn't find where I read it ... predictions that our r

The Kindness Of Strangers

“Rapido, rapido, rapido!!! You are coming with me to my house!” This is how it all started, a familiar face appearing in the rainy dark yelling at me. I recognized that this was Juan, the elderly Tico who keeps the jungle from consuming my yard. He ran to my door in the pouring rain, a man on a mission. He had come to rescue me from the pending flood. I had heard rumors that the banks of the river behind my house had crested and gone to shore. I heard too that the bridge crossing that river was gone. But, I decided that the river would not be a threat to me just yet. I would hunker down and listen to the sound that she made and let that be my guide whether to stay or to leave. It was already

Sunshine & Rain & Amazing Sunsets Bless our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcome New Subscribers to our Chayotevine Community ... and blessings to all. Great news on getting in and out of San Isidro area! The Cerro de la Muerte is open from 6am to 6pm ... and there could be delays as much roadwork is still being done. Musoc is basically back to norm too .. altho the trip could take a bit longer. We are so fortunate & grateful that the La Palma One Lane Bailey Bridge is now open! Again, there may be delays. Colibri's Corner hours will be 'normal' this week ... Thursday from 7am to 7pm and Friday 9 til 1. We have delicious organic pesto and out of this world kale chips! Marguerite will be offering short Tarot Readings by our booth on Thursday to celebrate her birth

Welcoming November to our Glorious & Ever Wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​We are welcoming many new Chayotevine Members this week! This week only at Colibri's Corner at the San Isidro / Perez Zeledon feria ... we will be open just until 3pm on Thursday and closed on Friday. Anyone with ads of any type ... please make sure to update them with us! We recycle glass bottles and jars of all types ... as well as egg cartons with tops. Try our Organic Eggs! Another handy herb for a Costa Rican garden pharmacy ... by our own Ed Bernhardt ... see Events page for his wonderful monthly events. National Geographic Names Costa Rica as One of the Happiest Places in the World Fly Costa Rica-Amsterdam Direct on KLM’s Dreamliner Jet The Cerro de la Muerte (the route from San Isid