How Sweet to be in the Mystical Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Leda Robertson's Magical Colibri Welcome New Members and long term Chayotevine Friends! Seems like lots amongst us are still a bit 'shell shocked' from Nate ... and indeed there are still schools and bridges and communities far from being back to normal. The best news is the Bailey Bridge at La Palma gently connecting San Isidro de General with Dominical and all points North & South on the Pacific Coast ... will be opening very soon. Highway 2 or our dear "Cerro de la Muerte" has tried to open a few times, but any rain and more slides are occurring. Best to use other routes still to head to San Jose, albeit they are longer if all goes well. And once again, our Community absolutely showed up

Bridging the Gaps in our Spectacular Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Just two weeks since Tormenta Nate shook many lives in many ways to their cores ... much has been restored ... and there is much still to deal with. Thank you to all who have built bridges and de-mudded houses, and cared for other's children, and collected whatever was needed and available, and offered medical care. So much sharing & giving & caring & doing & loving. And the infrastructure repair already manifested, such as the vital half done Bailey Bridge in La Palma linking Dominical and all points North and South on the Costanera with the center of our Canton, Perez Zeledon, is laudable. Much appreciation to all the road crews who have worked so hard to keep the two alternate routes open

Healing and Rebuilding and Joining Together in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Love and serve all humanity. Help everyone. Be happy. Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy... Sri Mahavatar Babaji Dearest Beloved Chayotevine Members of our never boring, Southern Zone of Costa Rica. How our worlds can change in the blink of an eye! And after communicating with untold numbers of you ... my experience shows me that we have an amazingly loving, sharing, giving, helping community who will survive these latest storms ... and grow stronger from it. There are so many who I call, Humble Heroes, people doing literally everything they can to help their neighbors get back to normalcy. Three cheers and eternal gratitude too, to ICE ... they have risen to this dire occasion

Harvest Full Moon on Thursday in our Wet & Wonderful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Never a dull moment! The National Commision on Emergencies has just declared the Pacific area in RED ALERT ... much, much more rain expected in the next few days .. so keep all your batteries charged up, stock up on the staples at home you need, and fall in love with every drop! TO ALL OUR DEAR ADVERTISERS: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE ANY & ALL LISTINGS! A reminder that at Colibri's Corner we accept all glass bottles and jars, washed or not, and distribute them wide & far. Also we appreciate egg cartons with tops which we fill with our delicious, fresh organic eggs. October 12 Holiday Moved To Monday 16th! Did you inherit a property in Costa Rica? Fines Racking up for Failing to Pay Costa R