Peace in the Clouds and on our Beaches in our Blessed, Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Drops of God by Mama Sheri Sunshine Welcome to our many new readers this week .. so happy to have you a part of our wonderful community. Our hearts are heavy with the news of a tragic traffic accident near San Jose which took the life of John Rockwell of Lagunas, and severely injured his beautiful wife, Laurel. We join the family and friends sending love & prayers for Laurel's full recovery, and for the birth of their grandchild at any moment. Steven Hawking on sustainability & Costa Rica From Eric Rivkin .. Great news! ONE MORE CANTON in COSTA RICA BANS ALL AGROCHEMICALS IN PUBLIC AREAS.... inspired by our actions in Perez Zeledon! Good work everyone! link/article in Spanish: By a unanimou

How Fortunate to be enjoying this Paradise in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This magical Pansy from Diana Dodson of Paz Bella Ecolodge, Golfito Warm welcome to many new Chayotevine community members! Pristine Pacific region is the next marine reserve Can Costa Rica’s Pacific Coral Reefs Be “Reforested”? Scientists Are Trying Dollar Exchange Rate Keeps Climbing, It Has Already Reached ¢595 NATURAL BUILDING COURSE AT FINCA MORPHO IN OSA PENINSULA SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMING IN COSTA RICA University of Costa Rica Hosts Expert and Discussion on Legalized Cannabis Wonderful article on Alturas Animal Sanctuary Waterfall bungalow for rent in Baru near Dominical Beach! Hi there, we are looking for some full time renters! Three bedrooms, perfect for a couple with a guest bedroom

Butterflies & Flowers in Abundance in our Colorful & Majestic Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Welcoming several new Chayotevine members ... sure hope you enjoy the cleansing rain we are getting since it is certainly already in abundance this year. We are still welcoming updates if you have anything listed on our website ... it's getting better and we want it best! International Monetary Fund Releases Findings From Costa Rica Field Visit Guest blog: Living the Dream Life in Costa Rica Public Banks Offer 800 Properties for Sale in Costa Rica up to 50% off Environmentalists demand halt to pineapple expansion in our Southern Zone Corcovado: Change is coming to a timeless place Newly in: organic Medjool dates, organic maple syrup, nutritional yeast, organic tobacco, organic neem powder, a


Last week, Annalisa and Chris went to Marguerite's home to video tape her amazing journey and ongoing transformation. She is living moment-by-moment with cancer and without invasive medical treatment, insurance, or normal means of financial support. I hope soon to put a brief clip of this video interview as part of a new post on I hope to expand her support to a much larger, global community to assure her care into the future, and maybe even make it possible to afford even better care and quality of life....things such as getting a juicer or high-speed blender, a washing machine, and make some much needed repairs on her home exterior and interior, including a new paint job, an

Living the Dream Life in Costa Rica

With bright sunshine, waterfalls, tropical jungle and spectacular beaches to welcome you, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places on earth to call your home. Tourists have been flocking to the area for quite some time and many expats have chosen to make Costa Rica their home. Who wouldn’t want to live a vacation life in a beautiful country every single day for the rest of their lives? Here are some of the top reasons expats choose to explore and move to Costa Rica. Strong Sense of Community Costa Rica naturally feels like home to so many people. With a laid-back atmosphere, a rich culture and people that help others just because they feel like doing so, it is a place where you will fi

Loving the May Flowers in our Delicious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder... Rumi Welcome to many new readers ... so happy to see amazing people with great ideas & sweet spirits finding their way down here. Thanks for all the help in getting old ads removed or updated ... we are still working on it .. so if you have any ... please let us know! Just got in organic Medjool dates, organic maple syrup, nutritional yeast, organic tobacco, organic neem powder, and good supplies of fluoride free toothpastes! Also now carrying delicious Asian salads ... a very satisfying meal. Really appreciate any glass bottles or jars for recycling ... we use them for many things and share with others too. We

Great Hospital Raid by Russell Giles

A Father’s Passing Congestive heart failure allows no easy exit The pain spasms defy anticipation And medication barely masks The muscular contractions’ intensities Each hurt fractures a treasured breath Hospitals allow a private man few dignities The nurses’ pragmatic kindnesses Often drift to tortured interruption As records policy demands brutal routine— Wake every two hours for pulse and BP, Blood drawn twice daily from now hiding veins Small pains cast upon a greater pain Yet still he is so patient and polite. The family (long separated in different lives) gathers for five days Resurrecting old rivalries, becoming siblings again Sleeping fitfully on well worn lounge couches and armed ch


BIG GRATITUDE AND THANK YOU FROM MARGUERITE!!! While lately at the beginning of each week it has seemed like perhaps her financial needs were not going to be met, still, every week your donations have kept her afloat and right on time, every time! No matter how small, your gifts are making it possible, thank you! Just one person stepped up to commit to the “3 mil per week campaign”, yet three other individuals showed up with much more that, as a monthly or one time there ya go! I (Sheri) will be at both the Tuesday Tinamastes and Thursday San Isidro ferias to receive donations between 8:45 ish – 10:30 ish. If you miss me Tuesday, you can leave your donation with Tim or Tessa, or

Magical May in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​In my years in Central America .. I've never seen the Mighty Quetzal in person ... this photo of unknown artist/author is one of the best I've seen, and certainly reflects my mood today, too. ​ More European Arrivals For Central America Banco Central Proposes Change in Method for Calculating Exchange Rate Move over, ginseng: here comes ashwagandha by our own, Ed Bernhardt Please join Chocolatier Tao Watts of Samaritan Xocolata as she teaches the essence of chocolate making. In this hands on workshop Tao will guide you through the basics of making truffles and art of ganache. Toa will cover rolled, molded and dipped truffles as well as vegan truffles. Included in the price is the cost of th


OK, I think most of you have heard that she had an emergency mastectomy when her stitched up tumor started bleeding again, and when the Doctor was right there. She is now home from the hospital,recuperating and waiting to hear the results of the tests they did earlier this week. She sounds incredibly strong, elated really, and so ready to be home!

“Rumors of my near brushes with death WERE NOT greatly exaggerated.”

Dear Friends, Thanks for your support and kind thoughts for my music. I am writing an update to those of you who have heard of some of my medical challenges of recent. While I am not one to broadcast personal information, I think it best to lend some accuracy to what bits and snippets some of you have heard. So the rumor mill might be somewhat slowed. About 30 days ago, I had a mild and very short-lived 'mini-stoke (TIA) with no apparent after affects except some weariness. 4 weeks later, Easter Sunday, I looked forward to playing at Ricard2 and a few hours before I slung my guitar on back, I experienced some similar symptoms and briefly fainted in the most perfect of situations—among some o

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