The "official" rainy season has begun in our Much Loved Southern Costa Rica

​Ocelot Kitten Welcome to several new Members ... and welcome always to long term readers. Here is some sage advice if you US passport is expiring sometime soon. And a good thing for all to know is often you will be denied entry into a country (Costa Rica & Panama included sometimes) if you have less than 6 months on your passport til it expires. Not a fun thing to find out at the border! Also those with damaged passports are often denied entry also. Interesting article on the Indigenas of Costa Rica. What exactly is Permaculture? Costa Rica's most beautiful birds President Solís inaugurates first phase of long-awaited Golfito Marina Village Proyecto San Gerardo Invites You to the First Annu

Loving the April Showers in our Precious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

You are an ocean of knowledge, hidden in a dew drop. Rumi Thanks for all the updates ... keep 'em coming .. we are working to get our website totally up to date! Information about the Costa Rican Corporation Tax ... for active & non active corporations Perez Zeledon named one Costa Rican City poised for expanded economic growth NEED FURNITURE, FRIDGE, STOVE, TV -Home/Office/Patio My husband and I moved into an unfurnished two bedroom/two bath apartment and are in need of living room, office, and outdoor furnishings. We are also looking for a refrigerator, stove, and TV. Please email or call/text 775-338-8020 There will be a Natural Building Course held at our good


If you are just reading about Marguerite for the first time, she is dealing with progressive breast cancer. She is at home in La Palma, treating it with natural alternatives. And since she is no longer able to provide for herself, this is an ongoing bulletin for those in our community who are offering their loving support. An update of her current status and needs is regularly posted here as she goes through this process. Marguerite wants to especially express her deepest gratitude for all of you who are giving donations, for your personal phone calls and texts, for all the other ways you are assisting, and for all your prayers and caring thoughts. THANK YOU! She wants you to know that in he


First, many are asking if this is the Marguerite who does hair? Yes, it is. And as a recap for those just finding out, Marguerite is dealing with progressive breast cancer. She is at home, treating it with natural alternatives, and is now unable to continuing working and needs community support. This post is part of a continuing effort for us to provide the help she needs as she goes through this process, and what could be her final transition...or perhaps, even a miraculous recovery. Marguerite wants to especially express her deepest gratitude for all of you who have responded, by giving donations, for your personal phone calls and texts, for your prayers and caring thoughts, and all the ot

A Historic Moment for Perez Zeledon and our Communities

Dear Community Members, Thank you to all who signed the petition and/or attended (120+ persons) the municipal hearing on April 6 where Perez Zeledon became the first of 81 cantons in Costa Rica to pass a law prohibiting the use of agrochemicals in our public spaces. The vote was almost unanimous with 8 of 9 regidores voting in favor. Presentations were made by Bolivar Ureñas, President of Aso-Organicos, an association made up of agricultural producers in PZ and the Brunca Region who are undergoing or already have organic certification, Amy Schrift, Fiscal of Aso-Organicos and representative of Vida Autentica, and Fabian Pacheco, President of the National Learning Institute (INA) in Chinchi

Semana Santa coming to our Sacred Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​by Christian Sanchez Welcome to many new Chayotevine Members ... and greetings to all ... This week the PZ feria is "normal" .. and next week, Holy Week, Semana Santa, the feria days will be Tuesday and Wednesday ... the organic sellers all come on Tuesday for this week. Remember too, that bus schedules, banks, schools etc. will be on Holiday schedules. Just a reminder to please, please check and update any listings of any kind you have on our website ... really important and many thanks! SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMING IN COSTA RICA Here is a wonderful article on the value of organic farming and the upcoming meeting this Thursday, April 6th at 6pm at the Complejo Cultural in downtown Perez Zeledon


I am calling for human angels who know Marguerite Beattie. Marguerite woke up in a pool of blood last Wednesday morning, March 29, when her breast tumor ruptured during the night. Briefly, about 18 months ago she noticed a lump. She immediately began researching and educating herself on what it might be, along with options of treatment for cancer here in Costa Rica. She decided against invasive testing and possible surgery, chemo and radiation; instead she chose to pursue non-toxic, natural alternatives. And now, while looking healthier and younger than her last ten years, she has accepted that she has cancer, yet will continue alternative methods. She is also preparing herself for leaving t

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