February Slipping Away in our Beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Bless the Bees & the Sunflowers Lately I've been feeling thankful for every flower and every bee and every butterfly that crosses my path. To live in such extreme beauty is a gift beyond measure. We had some glitches with our website server last week ... but hopefully is back in order. Please do check any announcements or ads you have ... we really want to keep everything as up to date as possible. Many thanks. Remember too, that Colibri's Corner stays open now until 8 pm on Thursdays and Fridays we are there for sure from 10 til 1 ... often earlier. Almost $1 million dollars will be invested in remodeling of Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park has new infr

Beautiful Colours Surround us in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Bougainvillea / Veranera by Mariya Vancheva So happy to hear from many newcomers to our beautiful area and welcome to the Southern Zone and the Chayotevine! Thanks to all of you with ads or listings on our site .. please make sure it is up to date ... saves time & energy for all of us. ICE is opening a new, smaller office near the Stadium in downtown PZ ... here is the article about this in Spanish. Adventurers wanted by airline Osa’s delicious project Donating your body to medical science in Costa Rica (see more information on our Events page) Following two previous successful donor events, more members of our expat community have expressed the wish to donate their body to medical scienc

Eclipse & Full Moon & Comet Friday coming up .. enjoy the magic in our Fabulous Southern Zon

This rare closeup of a Scarlet Macaw was taken by our friends at Happy Coconuts ... check out their blog and what they have to say about our magnificent Southern Zone. More amazing Macaw photos there! Welcome to several new subscribers ... and long time readers too. Once again, there is so much going on here in our beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Please check out our Events page for activities of all kinds. So happy to welcome back the wonderful folks from Cantando la Vida ... a love & songfest happening this weekend at Finca Amrta in Pedregoso. For girls & women of all ages .. we are hosting our 11th Annual Women's Spring Solstice gathering there in March ... details on our Events pag

Enjoy your life to the fullest ... in our beloved Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​This Friday, February 3rd, Finca Amrta is hosting an amazing couple (Lana Sugarman and Narada), who are professional Kirtan singers, plus very special guest, the fabulous, Vyola Myst. You are all welcome to join us. It will be from 2-4pm. Hope to see you there! Welcome to many new Subscribers! We are so fortunate to have so many talented friends down here on our Southern Zone ... there is virtually entertainment and activities whatever you enjoy. Please check our Events page to learn more about what is happening! Slight correction from last week's Motmot photo .. thanks to Henry Kantrowitz, we are informed that the motmotidae is the family of motmots and coraciiformes is the order. The ac

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