Where did January go???? Happy Days Whizzing By in the beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​​I love Motmots ... or Bobo's as they are sometimes called. Momotidae Coraciiformes. Wish I knew who took this photo so I could fully credit this captured moment. Welcome Welcome to lots of new Readers ... really some awesome newcomers to our beloved, verdant Southern Zone the last few weeks. Thanks for all the updates on your ads and announcements ... we really appreciate your attention to them. US Ambassador to Continue Great week to go to Carol's Club and meet Paul Carter who is ReFiring Lives all around him ... check events page for details. Here is a link to an article in Spanish regarding the annual Blood & Hair Drive that is coming up January 29th, from 7 til noon at the Complejo Cu

Sheer beauty in our Summertime Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Susan Shrake Towsley took this amazing photo at the Secret Garden in San Gerardo de Rivas this week It's been wonderful seeing new faces & return faces ... so many dancing with joy to be here with our warmth, wind, and peaceful ways & motivations. Couple of reminders: We love egg cartons with tops (and please try our all organic farm eggs we put in them) and we accept all glass bottles & jars (don't need to be clean). Gratefully accepted at Colibri's Corner. Have small amount of Mugwort & Irish Moss too. Also just got in small supply of Nutritional Yeast & Fluoride Free Toothpastes and Liquid Stevia! Ate most of them so bought some more Greek Black Olives ... so delicious. Also have organi

Glad to be playing in the fabulous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Don Marquis We are certainly being blessed here in the Southern Zone with mild weather and sunshine ... this precious baby sloth is super grateful and so are we! Once again we ask to update any ads ... we want our website as up to date as possible. Thanks for your help! The US citizens will be without an Ambassador after January 20th ... click here to read more. British Explorer will climb Chirripo Mountain There are many, many fun & inspiring & educational activities throughout our region to check out here on our Events page ... some really great times ahead for those of any interest. Join Sarah for a never to be forgotten getaway..

Enjoying Sun & Wind & Rain & More Sun in our Beloved Southern Costa Rica

Haleakala by Brandon Mark Bushard Welcoming 2017 & New members to the Chayotevine ... have a feeling this is going to be "never a dull moment" year! Check out Margarite's Astrology page to see what's up! Decrease in the amount to be paid for traffic fines Fight Against Transgenic Crops Continues in Costa Rica Video: Meteorite Filmed Passing Over Turrialba Eruption, Costa Ric Major eruption from Turrialba Volcano ... remember to check flights coming & going from Alajuela / San Jose as some are being postponed or canceled. Click here. Costa Rican Houses Valued Over $231K Owe Luxury Tax in January Please be extra careful and avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes (or anything, really!) ... there a

Marguerite`s Astrology

Astrology Sabian Symbol Tarot 11-22-33 Welcome to 2017!!! As we begin this 1 year we are are going to be experiencing and seeing new beginnings. Although to start the year the planets are wanting to make sure we are one with major releasing and resolving. Mercury will station direct on Jan.8th, so take your time this week with decisions and tying up loose ends. Venus is very busy conjucting Pluto and Palles Athene. The Sun also conjucting Pluto, VERY watery indeed! In the depths of our consciousness, these planets are still moving. We will experience a lot of inner work in the next few months if we choose to. This will lead us higher towards the 5th dimension. While enabling us to be and obs