Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain in our

"Cooperative Sloth" by Allan Wyatt "May you live in interesting times" seems spot on as Hurricane Otto makes its way to & through & around Costa Rica and our neighbors. In the last 12 hours it was classified a "hurricane" then dropped down to a "storm" and now I'm reading that it will augment again to hurricane status. Here in the Pacific Southern Zone ... we might well be spared the direct affects but we can expect much rain & wind & whatever is blown our way. Please stay safe & prepared. Be especially vigilant around bridges. Share any blocked roads or downed bridges info with your neighbors and with us too, if you would like. We will keep a blog post of anything important you should know.

Loving & Living in our Still Rainy, Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Cyanerpes cyaneus, Morazán, Pérez Zeledón, Manuel Retana Welcome to several new Members ... visitors and those making their homes here. Living in a country where peace is valued so highly is a Pura Vida Blessing without doubt. Thanks to all who have updated their ads and it is much appreciated that all who have them do so. Infinite thanks to Amy Schrift for her extremely important work on vastly limiting agrochemicals in our communities. Please check out her post & petition here. We need your support! Check out Marguerite's Astrology page written for us here. For those from US traveling with pets ... very important to check out this website here. In our local PZ feria ... this weekend there

Marguerite`s Astrology

Astrology Sabian Tarot 11-22-33 Week of Nov. 16-23 Did anyone notice that our super moon was not very super? Hmmmmmmmm? Was it just a dream? It all feels so not real!! Well we are still in a watery and deep diving time with the planets, it can also be very magical. Mercury is very fast and busy this week. 11-18 Mercury squares Neptune Yey on 11-19 Neptune stations direct after being retrograde for quite some time. If you have been feeling confused and just not totally on board, the clarity will start to make it's self known. Venus will also sextile Neptune, which brings us divine inspiration. On the 21rst the Sun enters Sagittarius. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAG!! Mercury still speeding along will sext

No to the Use of Agrochemicals in our Public Spaces

We are now collecting signatures throughout Perez Zeledón as part of a petition to request that public spaces in our communities be maintained without the use of agrochemicals. Eight countries worldwide have already enacted such legislation and our own municipality has the authority to do the same. Please click on the link: print out the petition and collect as many signatures as you can! Signatures can also be collected with an English petition Here. Costa Rica has the highest per capita use of agrochemicals worldwide and we can no longer ignore the highly detrimental effects that it is having upon our communities and the environment. Please send any comments, suggestions or signature coll

Supermoon coming to light our way in our Glorious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Everything has a beginning and an ending. Make peace with that and all will be well... In life we cannot avoid change, we cannot avoid loss. Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change. ....Jack Kornfield (with thanks to our dear Wynn Mackey for bringing this quote to light today) We’re about to see a record-breaking supermoon - the biggest in nearly 70 years The closest full moon in the 21st century. Click here to read Marguerite's Astrology page written for us this week. Turrialba Volcano has been quite active and lots of flights have been cancelled or postponed ... check here for all flights to/from Alajuela 19 Amazing Caterpillar Transfor

Marguerite Astrology

Astrology Sabian Tarot 11-22-33 Super Duper Full Moon Week of Nov. 9-16 Full Super Moon In Taurus Monday Nov. 14. This is when the Moon is closest to the Earth . For most of us it's a one time event. The last time was 70 years ago. And the next time is 2034! The Moon treasures being in Taurus, she seeks peaceful homelife and finacial security. With Chiron sextiling there is a sense of home is where the heart is. Do we or can we bring more peace and true love to our home or living situation? On the 8th of Mars entered Aquarius, Our inner rebel will advocate for the tribe! Mars will be in Aquarius till Dec. 19. On the 12th Mercury leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius broaden your horizon's, seek new

Welcoming November and so happy to be in the Enchanting Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Vibrant moment caught by Sally Rose Dolak Welcome to several new members to our Community! So happy to have Shorty Hill & the G String Cowboys back with us. He has brought together a collection of 10 original songs which are now available for download & streaming from most of the online outlets, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon & Spotify. Physical release will be a bit later - they’re in production. They will be announcing a CD Release party for early December. Here’s a little “taste”: Costa Rica Aims To Conquer European Tourists There will be 'Magic at Manoas' retreat December 9th-16th ... click here for more information. There i

Marguerite's Astrology

Astrology Sabian Tarot 11-22-33 Nov. 2 to Nov 8 OK, my friends, I really gave it a shot to go look at Donald Trump-Gemini and Hillary R. Clinton-Scorpio. In the midst I found myself walking or wading through some tough dark sticky energy. And it came to me that it doesn't really matter who wins. They are not the answer. You and we are! We want to transcend and evolve as sovereign beings. When we are aligned the truth of one, we see that separation is the tool of the oligarchy and how they control the masses.and influence our perceptions, which are being misled to there advantage. Now is time to clear the misperceptions and raise your conscious. Step into this moment and ask your divine selve

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