Farewell to September with a Black Moon in our Amazing Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​We have a somewhat unusual event happening this Friday nite, September 30th ... it's called a "Black Moon" which is the second New Moon in a month. For more astrological fun, please see Marguerite's Astrology page here. Thanks for all the updates ... keep 'em coming. Best to keep our site as up to date as ever. And yes, house rentals are still much needed. We are very fortunate to be away from all the ash & smoke from the Turrialba Volcano this week ... covering much of the San Jose area and causing many flights to be cancelled or delayed from Juan Santamaria Airport. Good idea to check the airport site here if you are travelling or have someone coming. Quick border run this Tuesday ... sha

Marguerite's Astrology

Intuitive Sabian Astrology and Tarot 11-22-33 Week of September 28 - October 5 2016 New Moon September 30 in Libra Alrighty then, we have just about made it through one of the most intense energy and planetary alignment months ever. It may only have been a warm-up in some respects. October will be a bit softer and more balanced, however likely intense as well, we are evolving. Don't you know it, by now! We have to decide if we are ready to make extraordinary changes and growth. That we definitely have the opportunity to. We can transcend, transform and birth with this new moon in Libra. It will serve us to by-pass the old paradigm if we choose. Is there someone or something needing forgivene

Live Music and Good Food in San Isidro

Some old gringos are now performing classic folk, rock and blues songs in English, at some San Isidro restaurants sometimes during daytime hours. And since most of these musicians are swapping songs for dinners with the restaurant owners, you can be assured that the food, atmosphere and service are pretty darn likable to gringo palates. Here's a short list of regular venues: Kapiblu Cafe: Every Monday and Wednesday, 1-3:30 pm. A coffee shop far more reminiscent of California than CR. Light, airy, with excellent coffee, home made pastries, as well as, breakfast and lunch. Yes, they have a very good espresso machine and concoct wicked doubles, triples, lattes or cappuccinos. Russ G.(g

Blessed Autumnal Equinox ... Coconuts for all in our Precious Southern Costa Rica

​The Autumnal Equinox will be Thursday September 22nd at around 7am ... check Marguerite's Astrology Blog here for more Astral happenings. Once again we ask that if you have ads on any of our pages ... please make sure they are current ... it's no fun for people to call if a place has been rented or an item has been sold. Many thanks. Lovely article in the Tico Times on the wonderful Seed Festival in Tinamastes a few weeks ago.Click here to read it. A truly great event. We are very fortunate to be away from all the ash & smoke from the Turrialba Volcano this week covering much of the San Jose area and causing many flights to be cancelled or delayed from Juan Santamaria Airport. Good idea to

Marguerite's Astrology

Intuitive Sabian Astrology and Tarot 11-22-33 September 21-28 2016 Solar/lunar year- Magic Carpet Ride (humanity re-uniting-transcending difficulties) Hey do you think our carpet's have seat-belts! This week is Fall equinox, Thursday 9/22 , this is a HUGE portal. When the veil's between the world's are the thinnest. This has been a powerful month with, 2 1/2 eclipses, the planets making all kinds of music and racket and even 2 new moon's. These Eclipse and Equinox energies will be with us for at least the next 6 months. They have an impact on raising our consciousness individually, which will effect the collective conscious as well. The N. American elections show us a hint of the illusions a

Viva La Independencia ... in our Blessed Southern Costa Rica & Everywhere on God's Green

​​This is organic sprouting ginger from the Tinamastes feria. Thanks to Zahrah Sita of Abundant Global Solutions & Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Tribe for this delicious photo. Our San Isidro / Perez Zeledon feria is open as usual this Independence Day, Thursday, September 15th. Hope to see you there. Banks & schools & some businesses will be closed, and buses run on holiday schedules. For more on this Central American holiday, click here. Our community lost one of our finest last week ... the multi-talented & multi-lingual, much loved, Ellen Wisse, originally from Holland. She was a beloved teacher & animal lover and helped so many, many friends, four legged and otherwise. We miss you deeply, E

This Week's Astrology & Tarot

September 14-21 2016 Full moon in Pisces Sept. 16 11:05 am central time If you can remember where you were and what your doing in 1997, ( Princess Diana's death). Much of the planetary alignment is set up the same. Are you experiencing a significant shift in energy? We are being spirited along the Ascension path and I don't mean "The Ascension" This is a journey, not a blast into a higher dimension on a spaceship(well maybe for some) but not for the most of us. We have to clear our energy fields and know our divinity. Its like we are driven by our souls, no matter we have to go with it. The Sabian symbol for the solar lunar month is still "2 heads looking out beyond the shadows". Certainly

Listening to the Thunder Roaring in our Fabulous Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Pineapple Flower by Jonathan & Tom Knobel As this year scampers so quickly by ... our piece of paradise has been attracting more & more incredible people ... seems like many are fleeing North America for reasons of which we all are aware. If you know of any rentals in the area ... it seems there is a shortage of all types right now ... so please let us know of anything as there are several wanting to be here and not there. Please continue to keep your ads with us up-to-date ... best for all concerned! We are open at Colibri's Corner on Thursdays 'til 8pm now ... and Fridays from 9 til 1pm. Expats in Costa Rica happiest in the world, says new poll No need to take an ID copy for administrati

Astrology with Marguerite

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the Magic Carpet Ride so far this month. It can be a little turbulent. Lets take a look at this week. September 7 -14 2016 Solar/lunar year- The Magic Carpet Ride Solar/lunar month- 2 heads looking out beyond the shadows Kathe- God of the South Shodashi- Goddess of Beauty, she aligns us with our best. We are in very good hands with her! Sun in Virgo Moon moving through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn Mercury in Virgo Rx Venus in Libra (happy), into Scorpio(not so happy) Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra crossing the Super Galactic Center Lets start with Jupiter, this transition is a very powerful re-set and can

New Moon in September in our blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Flame-Throated Warbler Oreothlypis gutturalis, Las Antenas en el Cerro de La Muerte Arnoldo García J Thursday, September 1st is a New Moon and a solar eclipse ... that will not be visible, just energetically felt, here. Please check out our Marguerite's new Astrological Blog page here and see what else is in store for us. Which reminds me ... if you don't receive a Vine one week, you can always check our Blog here also some people have been disappearing off my list for no understandable reason ... if that happens to you or someone mentions it, just send me a note to chayotevine@gmail.com and ask to be put back on. 45 Years Ago, a UFO Sighting In Costa Rica Impressed The World Economists: “