Democratic Global Presidential Primary

This week Democrats Abroad Costa Rica is hosting 5 Democratic GLOBAL Presidential Primary Polling Stations around Costa Rica plus Non-Partisan Voter Registration Democrats Abroad Costa Rica is hosting 5 Democratic GLOBAL Presidential PRIMARY POLLING STATIONS - plus - they will also help people of ANY party affiliation to register to vote as well as Absentee Voting (CRUCIAL for voting the congress): • ESCAZU - Tuesday - March 1 - 11am - 3pm - Casa LTG (the Little Theatre Groups new home) • GRECIA - Wednesday - March 2 - 11am - 4pm - Centro de la Cultura de Grecia • QUEPOS•MANUEL ANTONIO - Friday - March 4 - 9am - 6pm - Jamie Peligro Books • PEREZ ZELEDON•SAN ISIDRO DE GENERAL - Thursday - Mar

Register Now To This Year's Gathering

A reminder to register by March 10th for the 10th Annual Women's Equinox Gathering at Finca Amrta from March 18th-21st. You must also pre-register for the one day event on the 20th. We won't be accepting walk-ins this year, so please register on time if you plan to attend! Don't miss this opportunity to nurture and replenish yourselves while creating deep and lasting connections with other women in our community. Children are welcome! For more info. please see Events page or write to us at: #CommunityInfo

February is Hot Hot Hot ... in many ways & many days in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Seagull at Playa Dominical ... Jude Agar Photography Love it ... or not ... Envision 2016 and all that it brings has arrived once again near Uvita. Personally, I've met some amazing souls who have ventured down here because of Envision ... and have heard a fascinating melange of tales. Enjoy the show and as always, trust in God and tie your horses. Last weekend I was enticed to do the Zipline Tour at Hacienda Baru and though totally out of my comfort zone and quite apprehensive ... it was a blast!!!! Costa Rica’s “New Rich” Must Prove Legitimacy Of Their Money Palmar Sur squatters say they're 'ready to die for the land' ... HELP WANTED - CAREGIVERS I am seeking help to pr

Enjoy the Warmth of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

This beautiful Hibiscus is by our very own, and very lovely, Beth Sylver Southern Costa Rica Voted The Most Romantic Travel Destination Gasoline prices due to take sharp drop ... that will be a relief! Chirripó reservations can be made online starting in May Chirripó National Park phone line will take reservations for April-May-June, with online reservations to climb Costa Rica's tallest mountain coming in May. First week of March, we will have "Democrats Abroad" here at Colibri's Corner signing people up to vote ... check Events page for more information. Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish ... some great expressions here. Casita in the woods. Miravalles/La Bonita. 600 sq. ft. fully furni

Loving Summertime in the Beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Every day that I see a Blue Morpho feels lucky to me ... so here's a whole bunch of them to enjoy. An organic gardener friend was just reminding me that the very best time to water during these hot, hot days is at sunset ... the water has time to sink in before the morning heat again. A Better Way Health Ministries – Journey of Health have unique products and premium services for Health Minded people. We are pleased to offer you a special “Let’s get acquainted” Health Assessment and Detox Package Deal: First you have an intriguing “Energy Balance” test with a hard-copy report; Second, you then enjoy a relaxing Ionic Foot Bath with Healing Far-Infrared Therapy; and then we Finish with an inv

February means Divine Sunsets in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

by Joschua Hohenbrink at Finca La Puebla Organic Farm Definitely check out the Events page ... we are rockin' here in the Southern Zone of this wonderful country. And remember to avoid touching the cute furry caterpillars here ... heard 3 stories in the last week of those who came in contact with them. BIG LONG OUCH. There is currently a humongous international campaign attempting to link the Zika virus (same mosquito as Dengue) to babies being born with microcephaly (small & damaged brains). I have done a lot of investigating and will go out on a limb and say this ... definitely attempt to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes here, there and everywhere. But the research just doesn't link the

Medicines From The Edge A Tropical Herbal Convergence

For a third year now, this extraordinary gathering will take place in the magnificent foothills of the Arenal Volcano, on the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica. It will take place from March the 3th to the 6th and it will bring together herbalists, doctors, grandmothers, academics and all enthusiasts of the ‘earth medicine’ from all over Costa Rica and abroad. The intention is to create bridges for the medicine knowledge and experiences to flow and reach out to all of those gathered, with the mission to keep educating practitioners, folk herbalists, ethnobotanical intellectuals, clinical herbalists, granny healers, kitchen witches, biologists, curanderos, botanists, permaculturists, conservatio

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