So Happy to Say "Adios" to 2015 from the Glorious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sara Marhenke ... Toucan on Papayas One last Vine before we greet 2016. Holiday and New Year's Blessings to all. This year has seen our Community grow with new ferias, wonderful families settling here, and lots of cultural additions. The PZ feria this week is Tuesday & Wednesday, December 29th & 30th ... then next week back to Thursdays & Fridays. If you are interested in buying or selling properties ... please check out our new look here. We've had a few sales off our webpage lately and I've received many good reports of sellers having received several inquiries. Several people have asked what happened to Scotia Bank in PZ. There are no signs on the old bank ... but they have moved 2 blocks

Celebrating Peace in our Blessed Southern Zone of Costa Rica

May there be peace on Earth ... and may it begin with me. For the holiday weeks ahead, the PZ feria will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with our Organic Sellers coming on Tuesdays, December 22nd & 29th. This week will be 'normal' on Thursday and Friday, the 17th & 18th. Can't promise will be able to get the Vine out those weeks .. so check the Blog page for any important updates. Remember that schools are out ... bus schedules are sometimes limited ... banks are often closed, so double check before you head out. And definitely stay safe! Also this Thursday evening, the 17th, is the fund raiser for Vida Autenica ... we still have tickets at Colibri's Corner on Thursday for you. Check our Even

Somewhere, over the Rainbow in the Mountains of Southern Costa Rica

There will be a fabulous event on December 17th for our wonderful friends at Vida Authenica .. please check our Events page for details. We have tickets at Colibri's Corner and the other locations are listed. We support their wonderful work. 6 acre organic farm for sale with huge biodiversity of fruit and hardwood trees, artist designed house, greenhouses, stream, well, Price reduced to $125,000 USD. Lots of info at I urgently need a new gasket for my refrigerator before Dec 21 (the sooner the better). I am willing to pay anyone who could bring it from the USA, $40 for this service. Kindly contact me to give me a shipping address in the USA at soyeso@gm

Seems like Summer has Graced our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny days and amazing sunsets we've been having. As in most places, near & far, we need to be super smart & keep ourselves & our belongings safe. This weekend saw an increase of robberies ... so please remember to 'trust in God and tie your horses.' We have many, many wonderful activities happening ... please check our Events page to see what you would enjoy. Want to give another shout out for the great coffee and treats at KapiBlu ... it's on the same street as the Post Office .. closer to the park, and opens at 10am. Urban Farm Cafe also offers delicious & nutritious meals .. just down from the stadium. I'm looking for a nylon string guitar, preferably used,