Key Lime Pie in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Aracaris by Leslie Howle Offering this week fully organic and super delicious REAL LIMES for Key Lime Pie & squeezing over Papayas etc ... and other Organic Citrus Fruits. If you have submitted an advert for our website and no longer need it ... please let us know. We are cleaning our pages and sometimes are not sure if you still need the ad ... thanks!. Tonite: Venus, Jupiter and Mars align for skyline display The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds U.S. Embassy San Jose Auction Volcano Turrialba Erupted 26 Times Over The Weekend Transition to dry season in Costa Rica begins this week Sansa starting flights from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, its first international destinatio

Would you like to rescue your old abandoned Mac?

​I can clean your Apple Macintosh until the last very tiny little screw... I can diagnose software and hardware to find damage parts, then to find the new parts and finally to install them back again in order to back to life your vintage classic Mac! Please contact me if You feel inspired to join this Project! Cheers! Iván Herrera Chaves IT Services & Systems Support + 506 88425254 #CommunityInfo

Welcome to the Future ... in our beautiful Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Today, October 21st, 2015 is The Future ... it's the day when Marty McFly & Doc Brown arrived traveled to in Back to the Future 2. The Last Cacique in Costa Rica ... it's not just guaro! TURRIALBA EXPECTED TO ERUPT WITHIN HOURS 23 ESSENTIAL SPANISH EXPRESSIONS TO LEARN BEFORE VISITING COSTA RICA BIRDING THE OSA PENINSULA, COSTA RICA US Coast Guard Aircraft Declared Unlawful in Costa Rica The Top 9 Reasons To Visit Uvita, Costa Rica Thursday at Colibri's Corner at the PZ feria .. David will be giving samples of his amazing, healing Turmeric tonic ... beyond delicious & rico! Rooted in traditional cooking as a beloved health tonic and spice, turmeric has been used in India for thousands of y

How many BUGS do you have living inside your Computer?

Most of the times we don't notice them until they get fried in our Logic Board or Mother Board... as many of my clients... Contact me if you want to prevent this situation. I'm going to be "opening for free visual diagnose" MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: + next Thursday the 22nd at Colibri's Corner at Feria del Agricultor San Isidro General. + next Tuesday the 27th at Feria Organica de Tinamastes ​Be ahead your BUGS! If you have any problem with your Apple Macintosh, PC Windows, WiFi Router, iPad, iPhone, Android, External Hard Drive or any System, please feel free to contact me. at my mobile phone 8842-5254 or email #CommunityInfo #TheFeriaMarket

Busy October in our Hummingbird Filled Southern Zone of Costa Rica

We have so many creative projects & beautiful events happening here in our part of paradise ... and many new visitors and others returning to enjoy and contribute to our community. Welcome and blessings to all. Please check out Jennie & Fran's Little Italy Pizza Catering Service ... mouth watering and delicious! Ivan will be answering computer questions of all kinds at Colibri's Corner Thursday, October 15th from 8am til 10am. 1/2 OFF ALL MASSAGES TODAY AND TOMORROW!!! Locals only! 2787-0210 Doctor Ricky's Last Blast! Doctor Ricky is leaving the area soon and Saturday October 17, 2015 from 4:44 to 7:00 pm at Salon Las Palmas in Chimirol de Rivas. Local beers will be 750

Gratitude for living in the community oriented Southern Zone of Costa Rica

​Sure glad the power came back on so I can get this out to you all today ... gotta love the power outages here. Has anyone who does not have residency gotten a Costa Rican driver's license in the last couple of years? Please send a note here. seeking help for developing my poetry book person who knows computer and other things thanks contact How to register your property title after the purchase U.S. Visa Lottery Now Open for Applicants from Costa Rica Costa Rica Is The Second Best Place In Latin America To Die In Government begins trying to pay down $1.4 billion dollar debt to “La Caja” Let me know by email or at the PZ feria if you would like to order any bi

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