Sunflowers in Bloom for You in our Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Sunflowers at Awakening Soul We certainly hope this finds you enjoying our "little Summer" or "Veranillo de San Juan" ... a brief break in the rains around this time of year. There were many opinions found on the internet as to whether we would have it here and if so for how long. Feels like it is here now. Anyone know who might have guinea fowls? Write We (Awakening Soul Healing and Education Center) are seeking someone locally who teaches Spanish and is able to come to our center 2 - 3 x a week to provide classes for a couple guests here. We are seeking a teacher for at least July and August, and perhaps longer. Email us at if you know som

May we all have a blessed Summer Solstice this weekend.

Cloudscape from Cerro de la Muerte ... Eric Baudry Here's a happy little diddy by Bob Dylan's son, Jakob about Costa Rica. ​ We are looking for a used Vitamix or BlendTec blender. Midwife Melissa Marks, LLC Holistic Pregnancy & Childbirth ServicesServing the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica (904) 638-5278 We welcome Brian & Angie's new Vertical Hydroponic Systems ... "Growing for you" ... check out their website. Here is a lovely article on two of our locals, Angus Stephens. Managing director at Chirriposa Retreats & Tania Cappelluti. Cofounder of Chirriposa Retreats and photographer. Enjoy three weeks on an organic far

Loving life in the wet & tranquil Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Pequeño Oasis by Randy Burns Since last week when Jesus melted above the Cerro ... clarity as to who the statue depicted has been revealed. The sculptor Max Ulloa and his father Francisco, were the designers and builders of the structure, named “Cristo Redentor” (Christ The Redeemer) ... so we have one mystery solved. Here's one article quoting them. Whether the weather this season will be rainy or dry is still up in the air and open to discussion. How to Harvest Bananas in a Permaculture Food Forest is a delightful and informative video starring our own Brendon McKeon ... Happy 40th Brendon! As the conversation enlarges here in Costa Rica, this interesting article appeared, “Marijuana is a

First gay marriage granted here in Costa Rica!!!

A Costa Rican judge has granted the first openly gay common-law marriage in Central America, said Francisco Madrigal, political affairs director for the Center for Research and Promotion of Human Rights in Central America (CIPAC). On Tuesday morning, news broke that Gerald Castro and Cristian Zamora, a gay couple in the city of Goicoechea, north of San José, were granted a common-law marriage by the Family Court there. Along with being the first legal recognition of a same-sex relationship in Central America, the decision could set an example for judges elsewhere in the country to recognize gay relationships and even adoption. But both supporters and opponents of the decision expect a forthc

Farewell to our Prince of Peace ...

This beautiful mushroom photo was taken by our own, lovely, Happe Roberts A lightning bolt changed our beautiful San Isidro Valley de el General on Tuesday nite ... it hit our beloved statue, often called "The Prince of Peace" / "Principe de Paz" or "The Saint" / El Santo, which had blessed our valley since November,1980. In researching this monument to peace ... there are various versions of who it depicts ... I have always believed it was Jesus, though others feel differently. Here is Casey Bahr's blog post on it ... and here is Carol Vaughn's article from Inside Costa Rica on it's history. Made of steel & fiberglass, standing tall on the hi