Happy Earth Day Mama Earth ... Let's Make Every Day Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day here in our blessed Southern Zone with sunshine this morning ... and now beautiful nourishing rain. Thought this was a good explanation for an oft raised question: Why Is There Sometimes Several Versions Of The Same Earthquake? Last week I heard 5 different stories of recent falls we have taken ... some resulting in serious injury. As our rainy and slippery season is here ... please be extra super careful to stay vertical as you walk. I have a couple of Datacards (internet sticks) for just 15,000 colones each ... see me at Colibri's Corner or write: datacard@puravidaconnections.com Looking for ride to San Jose May 11 when I leave the country. Would be happy to pay half

Dancing in the Rain ... New Frog Species Discovered near us in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

GREAT NEWS ... NEW SPECIES: This Glass Frog, Hyalinobatrachium dianae was discovered in the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica. April, 2015. (Courtesy of Brian Kubicki and The Tico Times) Wanted to welcome another new restaurant near us at the feria in San Isidro ... many of you remember Laura from Laura's Place (and previously Bazooka's) .. she has opened in the shopping mall with the jewelry story across from the Red Cross .. called Olivio's and open for yummy breakfast & lunch & coffee. 2771-0032 Also wanted to remind you to visit the organic Urban Farm Cafe .. up from the stadium ... been hearing great reviews from friends. 2771-2442 from 9:00am to 5:00 pm Cell 6034-4334 any time. Laura

In Memory Of Matthew Kritzer

So, I became Costa Rica’s lover by Matthew Kritzer “I went back into the jungle, only this time for myself; I was on a mission to try to understand and find closure in what had happened to me in the steamy, tangled Vietnamese forest. The close fury of combat, during my tour of duty, had shocked me to the core and parts of my mind had gone missing in action. Now, beginning my sixties, I found myself entwined in another jungle, only this time I was on my own. I felt that by being alone, I would have my chance at filling those indefinable, elusive blank spaces in my personal mode of operation. I knew that the good things in life invariably come on time, though not always on my time. To what deg

Life goes on in our Precious Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Photo by Matthew Kritzer / Plucky Photography Viernes Santo (Good Friday) was a day to remember for a long, long time. Most of us in the Southern Zone felt two earthquakes ... the first one felt like a bomb went off below my house. It was also Passover for many, and in the early morning hours we had a blood red moon and eclipse ... and also a grievous, fluke accident occurred near Uvita. Many of us knew and loved Matthew Kritzer ... this photo below is from the last day of his life. On the San Josecito Road, he and our beloved Dagmar Reinhard, publisher of the amazing Ballena Tales, were looking for her dog, and a portion of the road gave way and the car fell and Matt died from his injuries.