"Mountain-and-tree-top in San Vito"


"Mountain-and-tree-top 1000sq ft loft like house for rent 5 miles from San  vito. Sturdy reinforced concrte 10year old construction. Offers total privacy with its surrounding wall and enclosed parking, A/C+  washer dryer dishwasher US refrigerator unlimited hot watet 4- burner gas stove with large oven

2 bdrms with kingsize bed and bathroom. One bedroom comes with clothes hanger and chest of drawers, the other with closed.

Beautiful cement paths and benches with inlaid ornamental river rocks and bbq area.

Producing garden - avocadoes, sweet potatoes, yucca, oranges, lemons, ... and pineapples when in season.

Close walk to stream. Longer and more challenging walk to waterfalls and river.

Excellent for bird watching and wildlife ( monkeys/ leopardos/ tattoos... ).

Possibility to play jai alai ( basc pelota).

Bus stop 1km



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